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When your professor assigns essays to you, they have high expectations. This is especially true when it comes to academic response essays. In fact, when students are given an academic response paper, a whole lot of them turn to academic writing services with the message, “Write my response essay.” These kinds of assignments have to be well written and supported by specific examples with the source material whether it is a book, movie, poem or article. But which response essay writing service should you use when you find yourself in a bind? Best-Writing-Service.com, naturally!

If you have ever been given a response essay, you have probably noticed that it does not differ much from an analytical essay in that you are asked to assess the material and explain its purpose. However, what sets response essays apart from most papers is that you are encouraged and indeed asked to offer a subjective point of view. You need to take proper notes as you read the material or watch the movie and then proceed to explain how you feel or what you experienced.

How to Write a Response Essay

If you are looking for general guidelines for writing a response essay, it should not be too difficult to find a reaction essay example online. The first thing you will notice is that evaluating the literary work, video or audio goes beyond merely summarizing the content. While it is obviously important to provide some background and context, the main purpose of a response essay is to specifically explain how the passages from the literature or the scenes from the movie impacted you. You can provide direct quotes (provided that you cite it properly) and describe what you are seeing as you do this. You should discuss your own personal thoughts and explain why you feel this way, a personal touch that sets this type of assignment apart from most other essays.

As you go about writing the essay, note that the response paper format follows the same structure that can be universally found in essay papers, namely the introduction, the body, and the conclusion.

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The formatting style requirements are usually dictated by your professor or the academic department, with APA and MLA being the two most common in American colleges (although Harvard or Chicago styles are occasionally used as well). But if you have the freedom to choose among them, go with the style that you feel most comfortable with. Just make sure to remain consistent throughout.

As you read the text, watch the movie or listen to the song, make sure to take good notes and highlight important parts. Refer back to these notes as you consider how you feel or what you are experiencing during specific parts of the text or scenes from the movie. It is also important to point out that even though the essay is intended to be a subjective critique, your personal feelings about an author or filmmaker should not influence how you perceived the particular text or movie. In other words, if there are certain things about the plots or characters that do not make sense to you, do not give the author a free pass just because you happen to like them.

You should also keep in mind that when writing a response essay, your introduction should contain a thesis and a few main points that you will proceed to address in the body paragraph. Pick a thesis that keeps the reader’s attention and, of course, one that is supported by evidence. Do not write a critique about a movie or text based on the general plots; dig deeper and identify specific parts that evoked feelings of happiness or disappointment. To make this task easier, develop an outline of your paper before you start writing. This will provide focus and direction, and will make it easier for you to align your feelings with the actual quotes or scenes that justify your reactions.

Once you finish the final draft, it is tempting to just want to submit it as is. But this would be a big mistake. Instead, you definitely would want to do some proofreading and editing, although not right away. If time permits, let the paper sit overnight and give it a look the next day. Or if the deadline is tight, try to give yourself at least a couple of hours before you sit down again and look it over with a fresh pair of eyes.

We hope you find this information to be helpful, but if you are still thinking, “Please write my response essay for me” Best-Writing-Service.com is ready to guide you from start to finish!

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