How to Write an Interview Paper

According to the popular estimates, only four out of six job applicants who send their resumes for a position are selected for an interview and only one of these four is chosen for the position. Normally, job candidates do not merely send their resumes but also an interview paper, which is a perfect way to attract attention of the admission committee to the educational background, professional skills, and experience of the job candidate. Therefore, it is essential to know how to write an interview paper. When you browse through the website, you will see that such factors as career growth opportunities, salary, location, work-life balance, as well as company’s values and culture may be added as the primary things that should be covered in this type of writing. If you want to know how to write an interview paper, it is recommended to read this article till the end and you will surely find information on the most important types of interview paper writing. If you have no idea what questions to ask, feel free to get ideas and guidelines from our professional interview paper writers.

What Is an Interview Paper?

The main purpose of interview paper writing is to provide a specific vision of an event object or phenomenon, which is based on the answers and reflections of different people. Therefore, to get these different answers and contemplations for your interview paper, you should first conduct an interview.

As soon as you have conducted the interviews and have jotted down the answers, it is now time to analyze them and organize them properly in order to make them logically developed throughout your interview paper. You should think carefully of how you will use the obtained data in your paper hence the need to know all the peculiarities of the interview essay writing process.

How to Write a Paper on an Interview Assignment?

  • Identify the core aim of your piece of writing. Come up with a specific topic and formulate it in a comprehensive way.
  • Write down a list of questions for the interviewees.
  • Be sure you choose the target audience for conducting the interview.
  • While conducting the interview, be sure to jot down all the answers carefully while paying attention to specific words and phrases, as well as the manner of organizing answers.
  • Once you have all the results, process and analyze them. Use the answers in your paper in the best way possible.
  • Start writing the very interview paper according to the required structure or paper instructions.
  • Start the writing process with composing an outline.

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The Purpose of Interview Paper Writing

When planning the interview, be sure to consider the following factors:

  1. the main idea/ theme of the interview;
  2. a properly formulated questionnaire;
  3. a specific interview essay format planned in advance (whether it is a career interview, a question-answer interview or a narrative interview);
  4. exact date and place of conducting the interview.

To know how to write an interview paper with proper structure and organization, it is essential to come up with appealing paper topic. At times, you do not have a specific topic assigned to you by your professor, so you need to formulate it on your own. Remember that a topic for an interview essay is different from the topics that are formulated for the ordinary essay types. The whole interview may be unexpected since its direction and theme may change depending on people’s answers. The same is about the style and mood of the topic — it all depends on the interviewees and how they respond to the questions. Therefore, when it comes to interview paper writing, it is hard to predict the direction of ideas development. Remember to come up with a topic that can be well researched. Moreover, it should be familiar to the people who you are going to interview. So, mind people’s professional and educational background.

Interview Assignment Paper Outline: Principles of Design and Formatting

Apart from the main essay parts, i.e. the introductory paragraph, the body paragraphs, and the conclusion, it is advisable to start writing with the paper outline. It will help you ensure the logical structure of your paper and ensure that you maintain the core idea throughout the whole paper. Moreover, with the help of an outline, you will clearly see how many paragraphs you need and what ideas will be included in the paper.

How to provide an efficient outline for the interview essay:

  1. Start with the introduction: think of what background information is needed to introduce the topic and draw attention of the interviewees to the theme.
  2. Formulate a strong thesis statement: it should be strong, clear, and argumentative so that you convey the central idea of the paper. Moreover, try to fit the thesis statement into one sentence (two sentences maximum).
  3. Devise three body paragraphs. Make sure that each of them starts with a topic sentence that communicates the main idea. Think of the supporting evidence and examples needed to illustrate the evidence.
  4. Conclusion. Make sure you properly summarize the key findings and discussions in a concise way. Moreover, provide a coherent and clear picture of the interviewees who took part in the interview.

If you wonder how to start an interview paper, be sure that you first decide on the type of interview paper writing, namely questions-answers, conversational essay or a narrative essay. Check out detailed information concerning each of them.

Starting an Interview Paper: Formulating the Questions

The introductory paragraph in an interview essay should specify the main question that is actually given to the interviewees. Therefore, you should be as clear as possible when stating the core essay question. Apart from making it specific, make it appealing and interesting to the audience. The topic chosen for the paper should also be attractive. Your interviewees should be passionate about providing the answers and they be interested in participating in the topic discussion. If you want to be effective in conveying the main idea, be sure to formulate the thesis statement in a clear and detailed way.

Developing the Body Paragraphs

Depending on the essay format, you will have a different structure. Still, there are some generally accepted requirements that should be followed as the standard ones. It is most important to ensure that the interviewees’ answers are included in the body paragraphs. Therefore, there is a great need in writing down all the interviewees’ answers to be able to implement them into the body paragraphs. If you are working on a questions-answers interview paper type, be sure to pay close attention to the punctuation and spelling. Therefore, find out how to edit an interview properly. When you are working on a narrative interview essay type, be sure to apply critical and analytical thinking in order to provide the most relevant comments. To make the body paragraphs well developed and concise, be sure to study some statistical information and add some expert evidence to make the paper trustworthy.

Ending the Interview Essay Perfectly

There are many ways how one can finish the interview paper. To make your conclusion wholesome and logical, follow such tips:

  • provide your personal reaction/ contemplation to the interviewees’ responses;
  • pinpoint how the interviewees’ responses and answers have influenced your standpoint or understanding of specific topics;
  • make sure the conclusion has a clear answer to the original essay question mentioned in the introduction;
  • ensure the conclusion is logical and concise.

Keep in mind that, depending on the interviewees’ responses, you can either refute or prove the original idea mentioned in the essay introduction.

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Interview Paper Example of Different Types:

1. Narrative essay interview.

It is essential to get well prepared to writing the interview paper. First of all, study the format carefully and make sure you understand the structure. Formulate the questions carefully and make sure they are clear to the respondent. When summarizing the interviewees’ answers, there are two ways to implement them into the interview paper: leave the paper in the questions and answers format (with clear formulation of the questions and answers) or paraphrase the answers obtained by also adding personal comments and analysis. Actually, these things are specified in the paper instructions and requirements. If needed, please clarify everything with your professor.

Whatever mode of paper organization you have chosen, please be sure to provide a catchy introduction with a strong hook. You need to make your readers as well as interviewees be interested in the topic and be passionate and answering the questions. Therefore, think of the interesting facts that you can introduce to the opening paragraph. The body of the essay should be properly structured — normally, it consists of three to five paragraphs. After you have analyzed the material properly, be sure to end the paper with a well-developed and logical conclusion. Do not make the conclusion too long and try not to exceed one page. When you are working on a narrative paper, be sure to rewrite the answers and retell what the interviewee said.

Pay special attention to the formatting style: whether it is MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago or some other. Remember to include quotations and mention your personal feelings or emotions that appeared during the interview process.

2. Leadership essay.

If you intend to devote your interview paper to the theme of leadership, keep in mind that you need to find a truly successful person in order to make the essay trustworthy and plausible. Your target readers should be convinced with the information you provide, so it is a must that a person interviewed on the topic of success is a truly successful person. Prepare for this interview thoroughly and make sure you come up with some specific and detailed questions that will best reflect the essence of what you are going to write about. Be prepared that successful people are busy and they will probably have little time to answer your questions and communicate with you on the assigned topic, so make sure the questions are well crafted and specific. Stick to the outline and do not deviate from the topic. Be attentive and take notes in the process of your interview or conversation. Undoubtedly, face-to-face meeting is the best option but if it is not possible, opt for Skype meeting, a phone conversation, etc. An online chat is the least preferred one since you cannot be sure that you are talking with the very person. It can be his/ her assistant or somebody else

Once you have conducted the interview, organize the information into a logical outline. Be sure to include the following parts:

  • definition of leadership (how that person understands the concept of leadership and what is leadership for him/ her);
  • different between business and social leadership;
  • possible tests to evaluate a person’s leadership abilities.
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3. Career interview paper.

The aim of this interview essay type is to identify the core essence of the job application process in order to reveal one’s life experience. When conducting this interview, choose the person wisely and carefully. It should also be a successful and determined person, who finds successful career one of the most important aspects. Be sure that you are well prepared for the interview, particularly come up with the list of questions. When formulating the questions, make sure to focus on such aspects as the job, career goals, accomplishments, motivation, and other aspects.

4. Personal interview.

At first sight, it is one of the easiest interview paper types. Here you should only prefer face-to-face conversation as you will not get the desired effect with the other communication media. The questions here should be grouped according to the spheres of interest and to the priority. So, prefer questions and answers format.

When starting to write the essay, be sure to focus on three of the most important aspects or topics that were touched upon during the interview. Do not try to cover all the aspects. Make your essay logical and smooth. When referring to the person’s experience, try to adhere to the chronological order of events.

Be sure to provide argumentation why you have chosen a specific person for interview. Moreover, pinpoint to his/ her contribution to your topic investigation and discussion.

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