The purpose of this paper outlines the impact of body language on the business communication. The methodology used in this research is descriptive. Body language has a great contribution on the day to day life of individuals. People use body language all the time, intentionally or unintentionally. In business communication, body language has made important contributions that are essential to the growth and development of the business. Body language has increased openness and connectedness in business communication. There is the need for businesses to train their employees, especially the business managers and sales persons, on how to use body language while promoting the business products and services. In order to improve the image of the company, there is need to invest on improving the application of body language. Additionally, there is the need for all businesses to use the research on the ways that improve the use of body language business communication.

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Body language is an important form of communication. This kind of communication involves no words but instead it involves the use of stance, facial expression, gesture and movement of some body parts. Body language is used deliberately and sometimes it occurs intentionally, when one decides to use body language to communicate a certain meaning to someone else. Body language has been recognized in various fields, it is considered a key communication process, in passing different messages. The use of body language has gained popularity and as a result it is used in almost everywhere. In the field of business, where communication is extremely important, body language is currently being used in order to pass messages to both the employees, customers and the supplies. Body language is used to express one feeling concerning a certain occurrence and as a result help other people understand what other people feel about that occurrence. Since in business there are many occurrences, that mostly involve business transactions, people always communicate their feelings (for example satisfaction of disappointment) through the use of body language. This paper seeks to outline and discuss the impact of body language on the business communication.

Impact of Body Language on the Business Communication

In business, it is a fact that more than 50% of all business communication involves nonverbal communication, mostly body language. This is because, body language occurs without involving much effort and also it is easy to understand without someone providing clarifications. In business, it is the most preferred mode of communication since it gives the people who are communicating the chance to express their feelings, without any limitation, unlike in verbal communication. This means that body language has influenced the business communication since it has increased the rate at which people expresses their feelings.

Eye Contact

Eye contact has always been regarded as an important part of any communication process. In most communication, mostly face to face communication, the communication is not complete without eye contact. This is because; eyes are the most influential part of non-verbal communication (body language). While discussing any business dealings, eye contact is used effectively in expressing annoyance, happiness, and interest, especially while one is involved in a discussion that involve making any deal. Additionally, normal eye contact is understood to mean honesty and frankness. Gazing is understood as too bellicose. The aspect that makes eye contact an important part of communication is that it conveys a kind of communication that is always lost some other kind of communication, particularly through phone calls or through texting.


In nonverbal communication, posture is important in conveying important message. Posture is particularly important when a person in the top leadership position is passing an important message to the junior officers of the employees. Business leaders in most companies use body posture while trying to appear authoritative or dominant, stand straight with shoulders back. To any other person, while involved in business communication, drooping position frequently indicates uncertainty, weakness, and guilt. Compared to other kind of communication, nonverbal communication (that involves the use of the body posture) is important in passing the intended message. The main reason why most people prefer expressing their message through body posture is that other form of communication, for example dominant sounding text message, creates anger instead of acceptance.


In any form of communication, in whichever subject, honesty and openness is very important. Through the use of body language, mirroring is an important aspect that increases openness to the people involved in dialogue. Most individuals feel more relaxed and open with individuals in a related position to themselves. In business communication mirroring involves communication that comprises people who belong to a certain level. An example mirroring is sitting down to meet with an important vendor, instead of standing to provide demands. Through the use of body language, good leaders in business exercise mirroring while discussing various issues.


It is a tradition for practice for people to shake hands. It not only expresses ones kindness and pleasure but it is a sign of expressing peace. In business communication, handshake is a body language that is used to signal honesty or kindness at the commencement of dealings, and agreement at the culmination. Handshakes are encouraged in order to promote openness and togetherness in all business activities. Palm to palm contact is significant for honesty. Thus, handshakes are greatly influencing business communication since it increases openness and connectedness in various business communications. In verbal communication, mostly through the phone, this traditional icon is completely missing.

Facial Expression

In body language, facial expression is an important element in communication. Facial expression is used to pass a certain message. For instance, a critical message conveyed with a tickled face will have a completely different effected compared to the one conveyed with a fuming face. In business communication, facial expression is also used to indicate the feeling of an individual depending on the topic being discussed. Facial expression of an individual can indicate whether someone is satisfied of not. When dealing with a customer, it can be used to indicate whether he is in agreement with what the business person is saying. Through the use of facial expression, it can be said that body language has helped in shaping how people indicate their satisfaction of dissatisfaction.

Arms and Legs Position

When a person is talking to someone, arms and legs position is used to communicate a certain message to someone else. Different messages are communicated depending on arms and legs position. For instance when a person has crossed legs or folded arms, possibly turning away a little, specifies a lack of interest and dispassion. Later uncrossed legs and arms may be an indication of approval of ones position or terms. An introvert will have his toes pointed out while extrovert will have his pointed in. This means that the position of ones arms and legs can be used in determining the kind of a person on is communicating with. Thus, in business communication, the position of arms and legs is vital in choosing who to deal with, depending business activity is involved in the discussion.

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Importance of body Language in Business Communication

In business communication, most people believe that body language is more important to word of mouth. A message that can be conveyed in more than 10 words can be conveyed by a single movement of body part thus making body language to be the fastest mode of communication. It is true that most business activities require quick decisions and the best method of communication in business should be employed in order to speed up business activities and the process of making decision in the company. Thus, body language in this case becomes very necessary to the company. If any business stakeholder in any business wants to convey his message to other in the company, body language is always the quickest method (Gopal, 2009). Body language is self-explanatory and whenever a message is convey through body language, no explanation is needed. Thus, one of the key impacts that the body language has on business communication is increasing the speed of communication and decision making in the company.

Since body language involves movements of body language, it can be used together with words of mouth in order to emphasize the message being conveyed. For instance hand to face movement is important in expressing ones feeling even when using the words of mouth to communicate. A good example of expression conveyed through the use of hand to face movements includes holding the jawbone indicate anxiety or lack of persuasion. Additionally, when a person is holding his mouth while talking to someone else, that person may be dishonest.

In business image play a very important role in deciding whether the business succeeds or fail to become successful. Thus, it is important to create the right image that will attract customers to the business. Image is also important in selling the products offered by the company. Body language is important in improving the image of the company. In a company where the employees use a welcoming and smiling face, there is a likelihood of attracting customer to buy the product offered. Additionally, use of a certain body language can influence the working relationship of all people in the company . For example, when a company manager always wears a smiling face, there is a likelihood of having a good working relationship with the employees.

In some situation business communication may include passing message to a large group of people. This mostly occurs when the person in the top leadership is addressing the junior employees and the company employees. Body language is also important in this situation, since most people pay a lot of attention to body language. In a meeting, for instance, there are many participants that listen to the speaker. In this case, depending on the message being conveyed, the audience always read the body language in order to understand the unspoken meaning from the speaker. Through body language, audiences are able to interpret the validity of the message being discussed. This is because; by reading the body language, one is able to ascertain whether the speakers is lying or telling the truth. Therefore, due to importance of body language, in business, people has started to emphasize on its application and also has taken a lot of care in ensuring that the appropriate body language is used in the right setting in order to convey the right message to the intended people.

Body language is used in providing feedback when one is asked something by someone else. By nodding ones head someone can be said to agree with someone or implying yes to the asked question. When dealing with the customer, it is necessary to understand their body language in order to understand their feedback. Similarly, it is important to use the appropriate body language while giving feedback to the customers or the suppliers. Since feedback is always important in any business activity, business communication.


To conclude, body language involves the movement of body parts or gesture in order to convey a certain message. Body language has increased openness and connectedness in business communication. There is the need for businesses to train their employees, especially the business managers and sales persons, on how to use body language while promoting the business products and services.


In order to improve the image of the company, there is need to invest on improving the application of body language since there are many returns that comes from proper use of body language in business communication. The investment should involve training business leaders and the employees on the best ways of applying body language.

There is need to sensitive the employees to always be careful while using body language in order to increase the effectiveness of business communication. Employees should be encourages to use body languages that are helpful to the business communication.

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