Product and Services

The business aims to provide professional pool Billiard tables for customers aged between 21 and 35. The target population does not have huge disposable incomes and cannot afford the services provided by the major pool halls in Boston. The customers will be served with wine, beer, and a variety of liquor at a comparatively low cost. In order to attract more customers, the business will offer food for those who may have a lot of time to spend in the hall. The business will provide foodstuff such as sandwiches, chicken wings, and chicken fingers. The customers will get entertainment played from the big screen televisions. Live High Definition TV will attract football fans and others who may prefer to watch sport updates on the cable televisions.   

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Why Should the Customer Care About the Service?

According to Kotler, improving the market share requires the reaching of the target market. The business seeks to provide maximum satisfaction to the customers. The customers will have the chance to play anytime they want because the business’ premise is not a bar; it shall offer soft drinks other drinks other than beer and wine. Currently, there are few numbers of pool hall businesses in Boston. The two major ones are Beloff Billiard and Jillian’s Billiard Club.

The companies are well established, but they charge higher rates to the customers who oblige because they have limited choices. By offering similar services at affordable prices, the business is likely to appeal to young people who do not have enough money to spend like their older counterparts. The pool hall will offer promotions to the Boston youths who cannot afford the beer and drinks in other pool hall houses. Customers will enjoy one-hour play when they win tournaments and buy beverages.

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Marketing Mix

Product Demanded

There is a significantly higher demand from the local residents for an affordable pool hall center with new tables and modern, quality entertainment. The major ones mostly attract elder people because of their prices and varieties of beer and wine. They have old buildings that require renovation. They seclude the pool players between the ages of 21to 30. There is also a growing demand for pool hall business because most pool tables are found in bars and some players may not enjoy playing in rowdy places.

Price for Products

For the business to attract customers of 21 to 35 years of age, the products and services will be relatively lower than those of the competitors. Customers will use a table for $10 per hour while a group of four will have to pay $15 per hour. Sodas will go at $4, beer at $6, wine corkage at $20, fries at $5 while wine, sub sandwiches, chicken wings, and chicken nuggets at $8. The prices during the weekday will vary depending on the number of people we receive.


The business will establish an online platform where tournaments will be advertised and winners will enjoy free beer. Those who come first during the weekdays will have one hour to play without paying. In order to encourage more buyers, those who buy beverages and food will enjoy one hour of free play.


The competition is strong in the market; companies, such as Billard Inc., make $15M per annum (Baumann, 2007). However, the pool hall will attract new and older customers from the competitions by offering affordable prices and product differentiation. The plan to get the customers involves running promotions where tournaments will be created and winners will get one hour to play plus free beer to keep them coming. The business will distinguish itself from competitors because of the nine-foot pro-diamond professional pool billiard table.


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