While the world is occupied by people from different cultures, each of them has his/her uniqueness and has something to offer humanity. Understanding the term of diversity helps a person recognize how different beliefs, values and attitudes affect the society. Despite the existence of legislative framework in the country, discrimination remains evident in our society in terms of color, sexuality, religion among other. Therefore, it is essential to look at ways in which a person can become more diversity conscious through an action plan by improving one’s awareness, understanding, and skills to handle discrimination in any form.

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Personal Growth

Reasons for Taking a Diversity Course

Diversity refers to the human differences among people. Firstly, the main reason for taking a diversity course is that it enhances social development. Interacting with persons from various cultural backgrounds widens one’s social circle and also helps associate and develop relationships with these people. This course enables us to expand one’s social circle beyond the people he/she shares a lot of common things. Secondly, diversity course prepares a student for future success. In today’s diverse workforce, successful performance requires sensitivity to the differences in the workplace and also the capacity to interact with individuals from different cultural backgrounds.

The course promotes creative thinking. This is because it expands one’s capacity for viewing problems or issues from multiple perspectives, vantage points, and angles. Rather than seeing the world in a myopic way one can consider various options when making decisions of, for example, ethics and morality when faced with problems in different situations and contexts. Taking a diversity course also enhances self-awareness. One’s self-insight and self-knowledge is sharpened because of learning how to interact with people whose experiences and backgrounds differ from his/her. These allow one to make more informed decisions about his/her professional and academic future.

Ways in Which My “Diversity Awareness” Has Been Affected by Taking This Class

Diversity awareness refers to one’s ability to understand and know the similarities and differences of people. By studying this course, I am now able to speak out against sexist, racist and homophobic actions. If one does not confront perpetrators of these actions, he/she is sending a strong message that it is acceptable. I am also able to learn about concerns and issues of others by being exposed to views of racism, multiculturalism, homophobia or sexism I am better equipped to combat any form of discrimination. Another way that this course has affected my diversity awareness is that I can consider the impact of my actions and words towards others since they can be offensive.

Ways in Which My “Diversity Understanding” Has Been Affected by Taking This Class

Diversity understanding means understanding the differences that make each person distinctive. This class has enabled me to be proud of my uniqueness, embrace others from different backgrounds and enjoy my and others’ differences and similarities. Other ways in which the class has affected me is by enabling me to be more open for our differences. It is hard not to form stereotypes and prejudices, but people can keep them from external influence of how they should act with others. Therefore, this class has prepared me to deal with different situations that may face us concerning racism, sexism among others.

Ways in Which My “Diversity Skills” Have Been Affected by Taking This Class

Diversity skills are useful techniques and strategies that help us to deal and understand people who are different from us. By taking this class, I can handle cases of discrimination and bias among people as communication techniques are essential for working with people from diverse groups. Lastly, another way that this class has affected my diversity skills is by giving us the knowledge of using culturally sensitive and inclusive language.

Steps that I Need to Take to Become a More Diversity Conscious Individual

Being a diversity conscious person means recognizing that communities and workplaces are becoming more diverse. The first step is to attend diversity training sessions and participate in them by expressing positive experiences. The second step is to create relationships with people of different backgrounds and embrace them. The third step is trying to get positive aspects from these relationships and see what different cultures have to offer.

Diversity Benefits

For some students being in a diverse college or school can prepare them for the real world they will encounter in future. Every individual has a unique thing to bring to the table, therefore by valuing diversity one can work in the real world with a better understanding and view of it. Firstly, diversity enables one’s view of the world to be broadened, reducing the influences that stereotypes have on our opinions concerning different people. Secondly, diversity brings communities together because it changes community stereotypes therefore strengthening social bounds at workplace and schools. It enables people to express themselves. For example, a person may feel as if it is impossible to turn to a close friend because they do not share the same traditions, so they “bottle up” what they feel rather than communicate. Lastly, when people are exposed to diverse cultures, they learn to understand different points of view which are an important part of the society.

Diversity Communication

The Role of Communication in Promoting Diversity Awareness

Communication plays a significant role in promoting diversity in the society. Firstly, it is used in introducing various problems that are faced by people with respect to issues based on diversity, for example, sexism, racism and homophobia. Secondly, communication is used in analyzing the root causes of such problems as racism or other forms of discrimination. By analyzing their reasons, we are able to work on the solutions to these problems. Thirdly, communication is also used to create awareness in terms of the importance of being socially inclusive to the different people in the community. Lastly, communication is important because it is through it that we are able to know how to respond when faced with various situations.

Ways in Which I Will Improve My Communication Skills to Help Others Work More Productively With Me

One way of developing communication skills is by being aware of the individual differences. People are likely to use different non-verbal signals depending on age, religion, gender, culture and emotional state. Therefore, I will improve my knowledge and understanding of different people from different backgrounds. I will also improve my communication skills by knowing how people react to various messages, for example, it is not right to say something about certain individuals from different cultural backgrounds who might be offended by what I said even though it was meant to be a joke. Finally, I will learn to use a language that is accommodative to all people to make them good about themselves despite our differences, and this will make them more productive.

Diversity Goals

I seek to create and sustain effective relationships with people from diverse communities and associations. By doing so, I will create a more diverse social group that consists of individuals from all backgrounds. My second goal is to increase my awareness on diversity to broaden my view on this issues. Subsequently, I will recognize the value and appreciate diversity in the future. My third goal is to look for ways to effectively work with diverse groups.

Diversity Actions

Three Specific Ways I Will Achieve My Diversity Goals and Contribute to Creating an Environment that Values Diversity

One way in which I will realize my diversity goals is by learning factual information about other groups and cultures with different backgrounds. This will help me in interacting and embracing all diverse people. The contribution will have a personal impact. This is because by learning about other groups enables me to have a broader view of diversity hence giving me the skill and knowledge of dealing with people from different cultures.

The second way in which I am planning to achieve my goals is by attending various cultural events, holiday programs or celebrations of different cultures to learn more about others. I will compare the differences and similarities of these events to those of my culture group and find out the meaning of the differences. This will have a personal, community and global impact ias we all will learn our differences and similarities.

Lastly, I  will teach others about cultural differences. This creates an environment that values diversity hence allowing members of the community to recognize how we stereotype, discriminate and judge others. It enables us to understand how our culture and its organization affect those whose culture is different. We will also be able to recognize similarities shared across human culture. This has a community and global impact.

Resources I will Need to Honor These Commitments

The resources needed to honor these commitments include money, reading materials on different cultural groups and a hall which I can use to teach others about diversity. I will also need a support team that will help me in executing this task.


Diversity is our strength, not a weakness. Therefore, in a world filled with people from different cultures it is important to develop communicating skills, increase awareness and knowledge on diversity to promote inclusion in the society. This will enable us to deal with stereotypes and generalizations about other cultural groups that are different from ours. The question that we should keep in our minds is what can a person do to help the society and the world become more diversity conscious. 

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