It is undeniable that the issues of environmental health and economic growth are key components of any country. A country that is determined to realize any considerable growth and development in the modern and dynamic society must learn how to integrate and manage environment health and economic growth. Every country and society must always endeavor to streamline matters of environmental health and economic growth because they complement each other in tremendous ways. However, there has been a lot of debate in trying to establish which aspect seems to be more beneficial to the society and the general population. “A healthy population is a great asset that plays a crucial role in the enhancement of the economic growth of any country of any nation.” A plethora of reasons has been suggested to reiterate the idea that environmental health is more important than economic growth because it directly affects the lives of citizens of any particular country.

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Environmental health that is a branch of public health is a concept that is concerned with a myriad of aspects that reiterates streamlining of issues of both natural and built environment. These have the potential to affect directly or indirectly the health of human beings. Environmental health refers to the effort to address all the physical, chemical as well as biological parameters that are external to a person and   have the potential to tremendously impact on the behaviors of an individual. Environmental health involves a deliberate assessment and strategic control of matters concerning the environment that can adversely or positively affect the health of individuals.

Economic growth refers to the capacity of the country’s economy to engage in the production of goods and services to sufficiently meet that various demands of the population. Gross domestic product (GDP) is the parameter that is used in measuring the growth of a particular country. Countries that prioritize economic growth have been quick to invest heavily in industrialization and   construction of infrastructure that are core determinants of how an economy of a country should grow. It is interesting to note that due the desire to meet the numerous demands of the population. Many countries have invested heavily in economic activities without considering the impact of the economic activities on the health of the people.

Environment health is important than economic growth. Adverse health effects on the people may cause acute or irreversible changes on individuals. Environmental health requires that people are cushioned and protected from pollution and other contamination that arise chemical as well as biological and physical agents that are prevalent in water, soil, air and food. These agents of contamination are transported to human beings through inhalation, skin absorption and ingestion. When the population is not healthy and is subjected to health complications, there is high possibility that economic growth will also be affected. Economic growth depends on the availability of the human resources that provide labor in industries and other economic activities. In line to this, it is, therefore, paramount that efforts to guarantee environmental health must be enforced to cushion the population from undue environmental; hazards.

Environment health is important than economic growth as it recognizes climatic changes that have the potential of wiping out the entire generation if care in not taken. While activities to realize, economic growth are beneficial they must not damage the environment. The concept of environmental health is earmarked to cushion the population from the damages caused by economic activities that lead to economic growth. Environmental health ensures that people are cushioned against disasters that are natural in nature. “Environmental health prepares people mentally on how to deal with natural disasters and how to appropriately respond to situations that are destructive and the required steps that should be taken to enhance survival of human beings.”  Skills and knowledge on Environmental health are also credited for recommending what type of food is safe for consumption by human beings.

It is undeniable that most of the challenges that are health related and other health hazards among people have been caused by efforts to realize economic growth among several countries. It is prudent to postulate that economic growth is accompanied by technological advancement. This technological advancement also poses numerous challenges to the health of human beings in the societies in which they live.  Economic growth, therefore, involves the output of the economy as a whole. Economic growth insists on the growth of businesses and industries, and it has little regard to conservations of the environment. It lays a lot of emphasis on material development. It is clear that economic growth in a country can only be realized in the context of a sound environment.

It is important to observe that although environmental health is important than economic growth, both elements are important for the survival of human beings, and they do not occur in isolation. Environmental health ensures that there is a healthy population that occupies a conducive environment. Economic growth on the other hand ensures that human beings are supplied with basic needs that enable them to live a better and comfortable life. The concept of protecting the environment is core to the realization of economic growth. In fact, most people and countries are more concerned with ensuring that the environment is preserved for both the future and current generation. Qin, & Hsieh, acknowledge that any drastic growth of the economy is highly dependent of how well the environment is preserved. Countries and nations that are haphazard in environmental management have lagged behind in economic growth. It is undeniable to argue that any economic activity relies on the environment.

People draw their resources that are both renewable and nonrenewable from their environment to produce goods and services for economic gains. Therefore in a situation where the environment is wasted the process of production and consumption of goods is highly compromised. In circumstances where the supply of necessary natural resources is diminished, economic growth is also hampered. The prosperity of any nation and the people is also threatened if environmental health is not prioritized. It is, therefore, important that countries and individuals must always strive to obtain goods and services from the continuous supply of nonrenewable resources. There is the need to protect both the extraction and management of waste products including proper maintenance of the natural productivity of forests   as well as other renewable resources that are prevalent in the environment that we live.

Initiatives and goals for environmental health are tailored towards prevention of diseases as well as the creation of a plethora of health-supportive environments. “The concepts of environmental health and environmental protection are related, and they complement each other”.  While environmental health  focuses on  the appropriate use of natural resources  that are geared towards  benefiting humankind, on the other hand  environmental protection ensures that the various natural resources  are preserved with the aim of benefiting both the  human health as well as  the  various ecosystems. It is important to postulate that the environmental policies that have been adopted have an impact on people and the country in general. It involves the services that are implemented to protect and conserve the environment. These environmental services are tailored with the aim of improving the environmental parameters through a deliberate effort to meant to encourage the environmental friendly behavior.

I reiterate the idea that environment health is important than economic growth. Policies that are enacted with the aim of maintenance of environmental health are geared to reverse the unfathomable waste and damage of resources that has been meted on natural resources. It is necessary to acknowledge that damage of natural resources puts not only the countries concerned at risk, but also the entire earth. Since environmental health involves the adoption of measures and strategies to minimize the heath of individuals, efforts must be harnessed to preserve the contemporary and future generation.

It is undeniable that the element of poverty and damage to the environment is linked. Destruction of forests and other natural resources exposes individuals to a plethora of economic problems such as inadequate housing and malnutrition. When water is polluted, there is a high possibility that this could lead to crop failure. Also, climate change has a ripple effect and can lead to desertification and floods. These factors reinforce the fact that environmental health is of utmost importance and is inevitable of any country is to realize any meaningful economic growth. Therefore economic growth highly depends on environmental health. In light of this, countries that are both developed and developing must make a wise decision to choose sustainable development through adoption and implementation of policies to realize sustainable environmental health to guarantees a stable future for its people.

Environment health is important than economic growth as it deals with phenomena intended  to analyze  the various kinds of health care issues  and  devise a  strategy  to recover from damages that have been brought by  environmental pollution. Environmental health is, therefore, an essential part that characterizes the relationships among human beings and their immediate environments. It is important to argue that environmental health requires a deliberate effort that involves understanding the positive and adverse impact of   both environmental and human-made hazards. It also reinforces the protection of human health and a plethora of other ecological systems against particular hazards.  Environmental health also includes an objectives study of the impact of chemicals that are made by man and their effects on the health of human beings. It also involves a critical analysis and study on how the environment can contribute to the spread of disease.
Environmental health is crucial as it gives us skills and knowledge on how to deal with different hazards that are brought by initiatives to bring about economic growth. These include the negative effects of manufacturing plants, smoke and effects of pollution. In the contemporary society, many countries prefer to implement initiates that guarantee prevention of harmful effects of pollution. The various aspects of environmental health reiterate the idea that human safety is guaranteed both in the physical and artificial environment. There is the need, therefore, to insist on the safety of mental and environment health of the people.
However it is imperative to posit that Economic growth is more important than environmental health on a variety of aspects. Countries and people who have embraced capitalistic tendencies have to prioritize satisfaction of their material demands at the expense of consideration of environmental health. Most countries invest heavily in industrialization as an avenue to realize economic growth. Economic growth has plenty of benefits. In an economic environment   when businesses grow they create numerous jobs and leads to improvement of life. Therefore countries that have realized economic growth are able to cushion themselves from adverse effects that are brought by mismanagement of environmental health.

Most people are more concerned about improving their standards of living than they emphasize on matters concerning the health of humans. In the contemporary society, a person prioritizes their personal issues rather than the affair or issues that concern other people in the society that they live. It is, however, important to postulate that it is necessary to be concerned about the welfare of the future generations because they all depend on how the environment is taken care of. Protecting the planet should, therefore, be our utmost priority than trying to satisfy our basic need through economic empowerment.


Emphasis on economic growth at the expense of prioritizing environmental health has adverse effects on the people.  Nations that insist on economic growth have lost a lot of its people due to pollution and other negative ramification that people they are exposed to because of industrialization. Countries that are economically oriented have uncontrolled economic projects that handle the creation of serious pollution both in the air and water. The uncontrolled pollution levels have resulted to a myriad of health problems that has led to annual economic losses to farmers. Therefore, it is necessary to posit that uncontrolled growth in the economy is equally bad to the environment, and it also does not make any economic sense.

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