Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:Unique Writing Service
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  • Customer Assistance and Support

    • What should I do if I need guidance and advice right away?

      If you are a customer of the website, you log into your personal account and request for customer support from there. You let us know about the issue you are dealing with and we react immediately. You can ask questions 24 hours a day as we work without any breaks. In case you are not our customer yet, you can request for customer support on the website and we will help you get effective solutions really promptly.

    • What if I want to message the assigned writer directly in the mode of live communication?

      You can be sure that the policy of strict confidentiality is a priority of our writing company. So, we protect both parties and we never reveal any details of our customers or writers. So, we have introduced a system of live communication through messages in the system. It is effective as both the writer and the client can start discussing various order-related issues and get instant answers. We also encourage you to check on your email regularly to see the updates on your order.

    • Will you get in touch with me? Which means of communication will you use? How will you contact me?

      We allow our customers to take control of their orders. They can follow the process and monitor what the writers do. Our customer support will send you an update on a regular basis and you will be well aware of the news about your paper. Please double check whether the phone number and email that you have in your order form are correct as it will ensure efficiency of prompt communication.

  • Delivery Options

    • When are the papers delivered to the customers?

      We provide a solid guarantee of timely delivery. It means that you fill out the order form and set the urgency for your assignment. You get the paper exactly at the time you specified.

    • Should I wait for my essay till the deadline expires? Can writers sometimes complete the papers earlier?

      Our customers decide on the urgencies of the orders. You set the deadline and we follow it. In its turn, your deadline determines the salary of the writer and the amount you pay for the paper. It is unfair to set the deadline, fix the price and then get the paper done by the writer and editor before the deadline is over. In that case, their salaries should be higher, and the customers have to compensate for the difference.

    • Will the writer complete my essay and email it to me?

      After the deadline expires, the customer can login and find the completed paper attached to the corresponding order. Besides, it is possible to download the paper, using a link from the email notification. In case you can’t download it yourself, our customer support agents can send the paper to our email upon such a request.

    • Will I have the opportunity to provide feedback?

      We would be delighted to receive your feedback! You should find a comments or feedback form in your personal account area, or complete our satisfaction questionnaire to share your views.

    • Can I have the paper you provide edited?

      Your paper will be sent in .doc (MS Word) format and that can be edited. Remember, however, we will only accept revision requests or entertain plagiarism accusations for the parts created by our own writers.

    • What happens if my paper does not arrive by deadline?

      Firstly, do not worry or panic. Get in touch with our customer support service by telephone, email, live chat or through our messaging service. These experts will investigate the problem. It could be there is an issue with your email system (our message may have been filtered by your ‘Spam’ system), your assigned writer may be awaiting some information, or it may be the deadline was delayed due to late payment.

    • How can archived files be opened on my IPad or IPhone?

      We suggest you use software programs like WinZip or iZip (both available free from the App Store) to open archived files.

    • How will I receive my completed paper?

      Completed papers are posted to the customer’s personal account page, from where they can be downloaded, or they will be emailed to the customer. Individual files are sent as MS Word documents and multiple files in zipped format.

  • Policy on Plagiarism

    • Do you provide pre-written essays?

      Our company does not keep or sell pre-written essays because this means your paper would be available via the Internet.

    • How can I be sure my paper will not be plagiarized?

      Our company uses four separate detection systems to ensure the papers you receive are entirely unique and free of plagiarism. It is important to note that certain parts of a text are not considered plagiarism e.g. direct and correctly-formatted quotations, tables of content, and/or different parts of an assignment i.e. the question part.

    • Is using your service considered cheating?

      As mentioned earlier, we merely provide copyrighted content or model answers for you to use solely for research or educational reasons.

  • Making Payments

    • How do you calculate the order price?

      The pricing policy of the company implies that the overall cost of the paper is formed on the basis of a combination of factors. The major factors are the urgency, number of pages, academic level, and deadline. You can ask the price of your paper by contacting the support team staff on Live Chat, check the section ‘Prices’ on our website, or use our calculator in the order form.

    • Is the price for my paper negotiable?

      We offer prices formed on the stable combination of factors, but if you have some individual requests regarding your peculiar paper you can discuss them with our agents on Live Chat. Our loyal customers can benefit from the discount programs we offer. Many of our clients get discount coupons they can use for future orders when they order some assignments from us. Also, you can consider becoming a member of our affiliate program.

    • Who can I contact if I cannot pay for my order?

      If your payment fails, you can try changing the payment method or taking another credit or debit card. As we do not process payments directly, we cannot say exactly why you are having issues with your payment. We can also recommend using another tablet, smartphone, or PC, or at least to change the browser. Anyway, you can contact our customer support staff and tell them about the problem to discuss possible solutions for each individual case.

    • I am surprised to see that I am still asked to pay for my paper although I have already done that.

      Download the receipt of your payment and email it to us. If you cannot find it in the incoming emails, try looking for it in your trash or spam folders. It may happen that you are not charged by the bank although you believe that you the transaction has gone through. In case you have not received any bank statement, you have probably not made any payment yet. Then you should use some other device, browser, processing company, or card to let the payment go through. In case you have a bank statement, send its screenshot to us, and our Financial Department will check it and verify the order.

    • Does Supreme Writing Quality include the option of a preferred writer?

      If you want to be sure that your assignment is completed by one of the top 30 writers in our company, the option of a supreme level of writing is for you. We guarantee that we will start looking for the writer for your order right away after it is verified. Besides, we will email you a detailed plagiarism report that proves originality of the paper. However, the supreme level order does not cover the option of having a specific writer chosen for the paper. You can opt for a premium writing service in your next ordered paper and mention the ID of the writer who you want to work on the requirements to your assignment that will cost approximately the same as supreme level writing. You will get a detailed plagiarism report as well, and the staff of the writing department will contact your preferred writer immediately to let them know about a new priority order. However, preferred writer is a paid option.

    • Are there any hidden costs with your company?

      No. There are no “blind” or hidden fees with You simply pay the amount indicated on the order page. You are only likely to be asked to pay an additional fee if you make significant changes to order instructions.

    • How and when should I pay for my paper?

      After completing our order form, you will be request to submit payment. Since payments are not received by us directly, there may be a gap between you making payment and us getting it. However, we do need full payment before we can allocate a writer to your project. Once payment is verified, a writer will commence work on your assignment.

  • Guarantees of Our Company

    • What should I do if my order is not delivered?

      Essentially, there are two main reasons why a customer might not receive their paper. These include situations beyond our company’s control (e.g. technical problems) and force majeure, which are situations such as hurricanes, strikes, wars, and so on. Please get in touch with our support personnel if you run into any technical issues on your side and we will try to send your paper by some other method, e.g., email, live chat, and so on.

    • I got a notification of the order refund. Will I get all my money back? How long will it take?

      Processing of the refund typically takes about 3 – 5 business days. The exact time depends on the work of the bank you are using for transactions.

    • Do you post customers’ papers online? does not store, post, distribute, or sell already-written papers.

    • It happened that I got the paper, but it is sub-standard. What should I do?

      Open the personal page of your account and find the section ‘Files.’ From there, you can send a request for a free revision and add the comments you want the writer to incorporate into your paper. You can set a deadline for the writer to do the revision and expect the revised paper on time. If the changes you need are not on line with the original instructions or if you sent a revision request later than 2 days (48 hours) after the deadline is over, a revision fee will be applied. You can check on the rates set on the page prices or ask the customer support team to help you calculate the extra charge.

    • Do you give a guarantee of the grade? Will I receive a high-quality paper from your writers?

      We set a difference between providing a guarantee of the best quality and a guarantee of excellent quality in writing. We hire only PhD and Master’s level writers, who deal with all kinds of academic tasks. We have been on the market for more than two decades and our experience lets us claim that our customers value our assistance. Have a look at the sample essays and research papers on the Samples page and boost your confidence in outstanding writing we do for our clients.

    • Are your services confidential?

      It is against our policy to sell or share customer information with any other parties. We do not collect any financial data about customers

  • Our Processes

    • I have placed a 1-page order, but I need 500 words in my essay. How can I change that?

      You can place an additional order from your account to add the necessary number of pages to your order. Open the tab ‘My orders’ and click on the option ‘additional order’. Besides, you can get guidance from the Live Chat Support to place the additional order quickly and without any extra effort taken.

    • Will I be notified when the writer takes my order?

      You can check the order details and see if there is any ID in the line ‘Writer.’ It appears only after a writer is assigned.

    • I do not like sharing my actual phone numbers and valid emails. Is it a must?

      We always emphasize that it is essential for us to have valid customers’ contact details. We use them only in case some urgent clarifications are needed. For instance, the writer may require additional details, files, or individual comments from the customer. In case of emergency, it is impossible to get prompt answers from our clients without real contact details, and precious time is lost.

    • I need to change my email/ phone number/ password. How can I do that?

      All changes can be made from the personal account in the tab ‘Profile’. Do not forget to save changes after you have selected the option ‘Edit profile’ and entered new details.

    • I have missed a chance to send a free revision request to the writer. How can I still get some changes made in my paper?

      Every late revision request requires placing a new order for a new or previous writer. You have to choose ‘Revision’ as an assignment type.

    • Will I know that the status of my research paper has changed and some writer has taken it?

      You can check the details of each particular order in your account. The status changes when the writer starts working. In that case you will see the status “Processing.” However, if there are some issues with the payment, you will see the status “Payment Verification.” Thus, you will know that the payment you have tried to make could not go through for some reason. Having checked your bank statement, you can either send us a receipt or proceed with a new payment, clicking on the button “Pay now.” You can download the completed task when the status changes to “Sent/Completed.”

    • Can I get my paper proofread and edited by an expert?

      We want our customers to be satisfied with the services we provide, so we have introduced a set of VIP services with additional features you can enjoy. By choosing the VIP option "Get order proofread by editor" to your order, you will add a certain amount to the overall price of the paper but at the same time you can be sure that the final paper will be proofread and edited by a competent editor.

    • There is some issue with placing orders. The system does not let me finalize submitting my new order. What I am doing wrong?

      First of all, refresh the page to see if there is any technical issue with the order page. After that, check on the files you want to attach to the order. If there is some large-size file in the order form, it may cause issues. In that case, it is better to place the order with no attachments and add them after the order is placed. Also, you can forward the files to the Live Chat agents or just send them as email attachments to

    • I need a draft of my essay. Can I ask the writer to give it to me?

      You can pay extra to get the draft of your paper when half of the deadline you have chosen is over. Click on the additional features of adding a draft or contact our staff to assist you.

    • What is meant by my personal account and/or orders page?

      Our company does not use individual registration forms. When you first order from us, you provide your email address and a password. These are then your login credentials when you return to our website. Your personal orders page provides information about your order, the facility to contact your assigned writer, the option to upload or download any documents or files, and the opportunity to leave feedback.

    • In what capacity can any paper you provide be used?

      Bear in mind that we provide model answers for you to use for research purposes but you should not submit these papers as your own effort. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more information on fair usage.

    • How quickly can your company complete my order?

      This mostly depends on size and complexity level. You will be able to specify your own deadline, but the tighter this is the more your paper will cost.

    • Is it possible to change my instructions and, if so, how?

      Our company is usually open to accommodating changes unless these are significantly different to original instructions or they affect the educational level or deadline. If significant alterations are needed, you will likely be required to submit a new order to compensate our writer since they will need to modify your paper according to your new instructions. Significant changes are considered to be those that affect order size, level, content, and deadline. Should you want to make urgent alterations and you are short of time, contact our support staff via email or live chat. We strongly advise customers to submit all order-related materials at the time of ordering or prior to us assigning a suitable writer.

    • What if my order has not yet been assigned?

      Our flexible writers are given free choice when it comes to accepting orders and we additionally check that they match the requirements of an order. This enables us to get the best possible results. So, you need not worry if a writer is not immediately assigned! If your deadline is under six hours, feel free to contact our support staff via our live chat system.

    • How is a writer assigned to me and how can I contact that person?

      Once your order is submitted and payment received, our representatives will look for the most suitably-qualified writer for your project. Feel free to use our messaging service, which you will find on the orders page, to contact your writer, e.g., if you have any questions or your writer needs any clarification. Whenever we send a message you will immediately be notified by email.

    • What is the procedure for placing an order?

      The ordering process at is as easy as ABC. Locate the order form on our website, complete the required fields including those asking for your contact details, and pay the indicated amount. Remember to attach any applicable course materials and your professor’s instructions.

  • What Our Writing Company Does

    • What do you offer to your customers?

      You place the order and make payment for it. We provide you with round-the-clock support through the whole process and assign the best writer available to your paper. We update you on all stages of placing and processing the order and send you notifications about the plagiarism check and editing of the paper. You can be sure that you will get your paper done with no lateness or slightest delay. Yet, the most important thing we offer is quality writing of your assignment.

    • What is the maximum level of complexity your writer can manage?

      We know that we have different customers. Some of them require essays written at high school level, while others pay for PhD dissertations. For you to be sure that your complicated order can be completed, you can send us the guidelines in advance and let us check them with the most competent writers before you make your payment.

    • I would like you to finish the paper I have already started. Is it possible to place such an order?

      You can rely on our writers. They will study the draft you share with us and assist with the remaining parts. If you have any doubts or concerns about your particular paper, it is always better to discuss all the issues beforehand with the Support Team agents.

    • Can your writers do tests online?

      Please check the list of assignment types we offer. Online test is on the list and its procedure is as follows: As usual, you fill out the order form on the website. You choose "Online Test" as the type of assignment and provide all the materials for the writer to get ready for the test. Do not forget to provide full description in the order details, mentioning the time zone, duration, and exact time of the online test. You will also have to share the login details with the writer to be able to take the test from the platform of your university. This way, the writer will have an opportunity to study all the materials and then take the test on your behalf.

    • Will I be required to pay for a bibliography, Works Cited or Reference Pages?

      The answer is no! However, we do ask that these requirements are listed at the time of ordering. We will include a bibliography or reference list free-of-charge and formatted in an appropriate style, e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA, etc. with your paper. Of course! The services our company provides are legitimate since any written work you buy are copyrighted texts created by a qualified writer or a model answer for you to use in the course of research. does not tolerate plagiarism or any type of student cheating.

    • Does your company only provide assistance with writing? offers a full range of writing-related services to both academic and business customers. As well as help with writing, our services include assistance with research projects, proofreading, and editing. We can help with any type of scholarly writing, e.g., essay papers, term papers, research papers, book reports, critical analysis, reviews, thesis papers, dissertation papers, resume writing and a great deal more!

    • By what means can I contact your company for assistance?

      Our company is on hand 24x7 and 365 days per year. Therefore, we can be contacted at any time by phone, email or through our live chat system if you have any questions. Alternatively, you can post a message from your orders page. Our customer services team is always here to help you!

    • Is your online writing service different from other writing services?

      The answer is yes! Our company does not claim to provide the best quality because this happens anyway, but we also claim to provide our customers with the best level of service! With us, you need not worry about high-quality or the end result because we work hard to protect the interests of our customers and surpass their every expectation!

    • What level of writers does employ? hires only those writers who are properly qualified and capable of handling any writing task. We usually assign writers who hold Bachelor degrees to papers for college and high school level, and writers with Master’s or PhD degrees to more difficult assignments.