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We Offer:

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How It Works

Use your account to access “Affiliate program” section;
You will find a special code and affiliate link you will have to share with people interested in custom writing services;
Copy the link and send it to people you know;
After people use the link you sent, they will be directed to our website. They will manage to use their promo code.
After they place their order, they will get their discount automatically. 

As an option, you can indicate e-mails of some people you know in the field “My friends’ emails”. They will be sent messages with your affiliate link alongside with a short explanation of what we offer and why they got this e-mail. 

Benefits Our Program 

The main idea of the program is to reward our customers for helping us sharing information about our services and inviting people. Every person who takes part in our affiliate program will earn bonuses, which will be accumulated in your personal account. You can use these bonuses instead of money for paying for essays, coursework, term papers or any other services we offer. Besides, if you do not have enough bonuses, you can pay for your order partially with money and partially with bonuses earned. 

The other good news is that you can withdraw your bonuses instead of using them as a way to pay for the next order

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