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Firstly, what are personal narrative essays? They are a type of academic essay that tell a writer's own story. An essay like this can take the form of a far-off experience, something taken from the writer's memory or their past... and something that has recently evoked new emotions. The primary purpose of this type of essay is to tell a story or deliver a lesson based on the writer's own experiences. It is possible for readers to learn from the experiences of other people.

Still, even though the material is drawn from one's own experience, a lot of people turn to the Internet in order to find personal narrative essays online. Why? It may be because narrative essay writing seems easy enough until one actually begins. To start with, the writer has to decide which experiences or ideas are best to write about. While the number of personal narrative essay topics that one can choose from runs into the thousands, it is important to choose a theme that the reader has not previously come across. If, for instance, your readers have read several stories about contrition, will they want to read yet another? So you should select something that is not widely discussed or is slightly different from the average. If you want credit for your work, begin with an unusual topic. However, the next stage is more difficult.

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Narrative essay help provided by expert writers is thus a perfect way to write a narrative essay without any troubles, anxiety or difficulties. With the help of narrative essay writing, students share their personal experiences, life stories, memories, and key life events among others. 

Whether you write your own or get personal narrative essay help from a professional writer, this next or second step, which involves writing the actual content, is the most critical to the whole project. You may use a creative approach or if you are not creative, why not ask someone who is creative to write your essay? is an online writing, proofreading and editing service with numerous professionally qualified writers who can help you. Furthermore, if you cannot decide on an idea or theme, we can also help with this aspect.

If you already know how to write a personal narrative essay, you will know the best ones are written in a creative style, but not to the extent that they could be considered a work of fiction. They should contain a sense of authenticity with a little creative bait to interest your audience. If readers do not show an interest in your work, then something is wrong. Bear in mind that your narrative must relate a personal experience or something to do with you. Essentially, it must be something that genuinely happened. Tutors and readers can tell if content, even just a little of it, is fake. But the authenticity and creative elements are safe if you purchase your personal narrative essay from

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Think of the Topic for Your Narrative Essay

As you sit down to start work on your narrative essay, think of some memorable or important event in your life you would like to reflect upon. This event can uncover some of your strong points, reveal your best traits, pinpoint to an even when you demonstrated your skills or discuss an event that changed your outlook on life or helped to mold your standpoint. Regardless of the topic you choose, it is essential to ensure that it should have a clear focus. If you cannot choose a proper topic for you, get narrative essay help from professional writers. They may give you the following ideas for your narrative essay:
  1. A life event that changed your personality/ challenged you;
  2. A lifetime discovery that revealed some character traits for you;
  3. A funny story of something that happened with your family or with you; 
  4. A difficult experience in your life. 

How to Plan Your Narrative Essay

Brainstorm ideas for writing: just jot down everything that comes to your mind when you think of a specific topic. Draw some logical connections, collect memories, etc. Afterwards, if you have quite a lot of ideas, make sure to focus on the most important ones. You can focus either on some positive topic (the time I felt the happiest way) or a negative one (the scariest moment of my life). 
Make sure you develop the essay in a chronological way. When inserting some descriptions or narrations of something, make sure you do it vividly and clearly. Use appropriate adjectives to make the essay interesting to read. 
Decide whether you convey some point or idea with your essay. It may be some life lesson or life irony. Make sure there is some central focus in your writing. 


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Show Do Not Tell 

When you read some writing strategies or tips, you will find out that narrative essay help experts will tell you to write the narration from the first person. You are the main storyteller. You see, you hear, you feel, you taste, and you experience that spectrum of feelings and emotions you focus on in the essay. Present your essay in such a way as though the even it taking place again in the present. 

What to Include

Before writing, provide some timeline or just write down the events in an essay outline in a chronological order. The story should contain information on the following:

  1. Characters. Who is/ are the actor(s) of your narration? What do they do? Why are they important?
  2. Tense. Has the story already happened? Then write it in the past tense.
  3. Voice and tone of writing. Set the mood for your writing: funny, serious, ironic, sad whatsoever. Are you telling the story as if you are a child/ an adult?
  4. Story conflict. Any story has some type of conflict. Indicate between whom the conflict takes place and why. How is it solved?
  5. Description. The story will surely have descriptions of some kind, so be sure to write in vivid words and phrases. Make sure the vocabulary is rich and corresponds to the set tone of writing. 
  6. Convey the main idea. In writing a narrative essay, you should definitely make your point. You should clearly specify how you reached a specific conclusion. 
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