Guide to Writing Media Analysis Essays

To write this type of essay, the writer needs to understand the media landscape where the presentation of certain crucial issues is determined.

A media analysis essay can be used to identify and present messages, to frame messages, and to improve an issue that already exists. An essay like this should consider a number of media items that were covered over the given time period. These are the items that usually appear in the main newspapers, in magazines, and through broadcasting channels.

Steps in Writing a Successful Media Analysis Essay

The very first step in this type of writing is developing relevant search words or terms. This means creating a list of terms that will help you find articles that only discuss a particular topic. From there, any topics that are not relevant can be excluded by the writer.

For example, if the item covered by the media relates to the Government’s lack of concern with low paid workers, the first term the writer is likely to add to their search list would possibly be “Low Paid Workers.” This term should then direct the searcher to a number of news and broadcasting outlets that have provided or published articles or information on this subject in the particular country the issue relates to. As the search progresses, the way the media has covered the topic may well differ from one outlet to another. Therefore, the essay writer needs to figure out which articles and information are most relevant and suitable for them to use for analysis. From here, the writer establishes the best sources of information and news i.e. the ones that provide the most reliable information. They will then use these in their essay.

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How to Write Introductory Section?

You will see that most essays have an introductory section and this is essential because it tells the reader at the outset what the essay’s main area of discussion will be. Additionally, an introductory paragraph often includes a certain amount of background detail related to the topic under discussion. In a media analysis essay dealing with the above topic – i.e. coverage of low paid workers – the introductory paragraph might read as follows.

Your Essay’s Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is also included in the essay’s introduction section, usually at the end of the paragraph. This statement should be complete and it should be crafted in a way that gives readers a clear idea of what will be covered in the essay’s main body. For examples, your media analysis essay could have the following thesis statement.

How to Organize the Body Paragraphs of Your Essay

The writer has a number of options in terms of how to structure the paragraphs in their essay with much dependent on the size and genre of their paper. In any case, the primary aim is to present the information in logical sections according to the function and purpose of each paragraph and according to how the different parts support the central thesis statement. Presenting information in chronological order is one way and this method is probably the simplest and most straightforward. One reason for choosing this method is to make the written piece as effective as possible. For example, choosing the chronological method to analyze an image in a magazine or newspaper allows the writer to provide insights in almost the same order as the person viewing the image or photograph. However, the writer needs to be careful using the chronological method in the case of a document that has a narrative. The reason for this is that it is very easy to start summarizing the plot and this is not the primary objective of such an essay.

An alternative option for structuring the paragraphs in the main body of this type of essay is to use the spatial method. This method involves organizing an essay’s different sections in a way that allows the reader to easily scan them. The recommended approach for this method includes a left-to-right and top-down structure since this is the way that comes most naturally for scanning and/or reading English language texts. An additional approach is to use lines, which direct the eye in the act of scanning.

As well as the methods described above, it is also possible to use persuasive-style appeals such as ethos, pathos, logos, and other techniques. These methods help the writer persuade their readers by appealing to emotions and logic. However, writers should use these types of appeal only if they properly understand how these methods work because, otherwise, there is a risk of straying from the essay’s primary objective.

Concluding Your Essay – How To Do This!

In essays concerning media analysis, the concluding paragraph should recap on the key issues and ideas discussed in the main body of the essay. It should stress the importance of these, reiterate the central thesis statement, and draw attention to any additional research that might be needed in the future to complete the efforts already made. Using the above example concerning low-paid workers, the following is an idea of how such an essay might conclude.

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