Topic Ideas for Business Essays

When you are assigned with business essay writing, you need to understand that the major objective of this assignment is to respond to a certain market situation strategically and analytically. Business school students are often tasked to write such essays. Business essay writing can be linked to marketing, finance, management and many other business spheres. The main feature that distinguishes this type of writing from others is its writing style. Such essays do not refer to descriptive writing, because their major objective is to collect the needed data as well as facts and conduct an analysis on the basis of essay goals.

There is a number of possible solutions to every problem encountered in a business field. Your main objective is to explain why the solution offered in your essay will be the best for the problem solving. When you need to write a good business essay, you need to become a real researcher of the selected issue. Use reliable and credible source of information while collecting the necessary facts and data. You need to reference the outside sources to particular theoretical frameworks and examples that occurred already. This way you will be able to support your thoughts and ideas. You can always look for business essay writing help online.

Business Topic Selection

In the essay writing process, whatever the essay type, every single aspect is important, e.g., selecting the topic, researching the topic, taking notes, and so on. There are several topics to choose from in the field of business. Therefore, to find a meaningful business topic, you will need to narrow the field down. With so many topics to choose from, the writer needs to be patient and willing to do a certain amount of research particularly where an instructor asks or allows them to write about a topic they like or are interested in.

Here is a list of example topics for a business essay to help get your project started.

Ten Ideas for an Argumentative Style Business Essay Topics

  • Is merging better for a business than being acquired?
  • The quality of effective leadership is the wholly innate one.
  • Businesses need to exploit the labor market to improve profits.
  • The credibility and reliability of test markets are hindered or negatively impacted by biased and prejudiced responses.
  • The turnover rates within a workforce are an effective measure of a company’s loyalty ratings.
  • It is only possible to make lower salary scales work where a business’s management is cooperative and employment conditions are conducive for workers.
  • Higher salaries are better than other incentives for motivating workers.
  • One of the main factors that distinguish leaders from followers is innovation.
  • Adequate investment in online marketing and in social media advertising is the best ways to attract a larger audience.
  • It is possible to develop and acquire leadership skills through self-awareness, personal improvement, and learning.

Ten Topic Ideas for a Business Management Essay

  • Should employees be subject to dating policies as prescribed by their employers?
  • Name some techniques for evaluating employee performance.
  • Describe some ways for empowering employees.
  • What biases can pertain to promotions?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of impromptu business downsizing?
  • Discuss sexual-related harassment (and policies) in the workplace.
  • Employees should have the choice of joining public unions.
  • Should employees be treated equally i.e. should companies operate equal opportunities policies?
  • Is it important to build a conducive and positive culture in workplaces, and why?
  • Discuss what rules should pertain to codes of dress in business workplaces.

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Ten Topic Ideas Concerning Ethics in Business

  • Can businesses prevent environmental pollution?
  • Are hidden charges, as applied by providers of services, ethical or legal?
  • Does gender inequality i.e. discrimination have a negative impact on performance and productivity and, if so, how?
  • How have businesses been affected by nepotism? Support your answer with examples.
  • Is it right to hold businesses liable when customers misuse the products they provide?
  • The quality of a product or service is negatively impacted where a business’s main driver is profit.
  • Should businesses ignore the negative effects that cigarette smoking has on health because this practice is valuable in monetary terms?
  • Should organizations make reporting methods more accessible to their workforce?
  • Do promises or word-of-mouth agreements have any worth in the business world?
  • Should pay be determined by an individual’s marital or family circumstances?
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Ten Topic Ideas for a Legal Style Business Essay

  • Develop a case for supporting paternity leave for men.
  • A lot of start-up businesses are plagued by certain legal matters. Name some of these.
  • List some methods that a business could use to identify (and prevent) the possibility of bankruptcy.
  • How are businesses impacted or affected by pirate websites?
  • In cases concerning breaches of contract, is duress good enough reason? In what circumstances should duress be considered sufficient?
  • Is there any way an enterprise can avoid or prevent cases of litigation?
  • Can companies legally hide or withhold information that might potentially damage their reputation or image, particularly from customers?
  • What is your understanding of “affirmative action?” How can such action impact or be significant for an enterprise?
  • List some of the ways in which a business can illegally deal with accident situations in their places of work.
  • Do you think businesses should implement laws to prevent workers from smoking? Are such measures legal?
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Ten Topic Ideas for a Persuasive Style Business Essay:

  • Social networking is an effective platform for promoting and advancing businesses.
  • The primary reasons why businesses become bankrupt are ineffective management and ineffective leadership.
  • Every business should adopt green principles.
  • College degrees do not guarantee success in business.
  • Looking to the future, virtual (or online) businesses will prove more profitable.
  • An effective and positive culture within a business motivates employees.
  • When a working environment is positive, productivity is also improved.
  • It is possible to use the recruitment process as an effective and positive productivity tool.
  • Business productivity can be improved by using vital tools such as brainstorming.
  • In business, communication of the vertical type is as essential as the horizontal variety.
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