Harvard Formatting Style: Essential Information

When you are expected to prepare Harvard styles essays, you should apply the Harvard formatting style. You are supposed to strictl...

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How to Start an Investigative Essay

If you learn how to compose an investigative essay, you will experience no problems when designing an argumentative essay. The pro...

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Academic Book Review: How to Complete It

Writing a book review is one of the common tasks assigned in high schools and colleges. No wonder, this assignment significantly e...

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Analysis Section of a Lab Report

If you have a task to write a lab report, then you definitely know that it differs from all other types of academic paper writing....

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Ideas for a Thesis Paper on Advertising

The very first thing you need to do in order to write a successful thesis is to choose a suitable topic. This is why it is so impo...

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Persuasive Business Essay Topics

Persuasive Business Essay Topics (Bonus: “How to Write a Business Essay” Guide)

If you have to write a persuasive essay for a business class, you will need to begin the process by choosing an issue to write abo...

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Advice on Writing a Thesis Proposal

How to Write a Thesis Proposal Before you write a research paper, you need to start with a thesis proposal. The purpose of the the...

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How to Write a Good Presentation

With the technology development, creation of presentations became extremely easy. Without doubt, the easiest way to create a prese...

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Example of a Personal Statement

If you want to enter into any of degree programs, or if you were offered some work and job opportunities, you will need to write a...

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Academic Essay Templates: Essay Writing from A to Z

When you were in elementary school, teachers asked you to bring short five-paragraph essays about your home pet or summer holiday....

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