Great Topics for Research Papers

Writing research papers can be a challenging assignment, especially if you do not know what to write about. Still, with a list of great topics to write a research paper on provided below as well as with effective research writing strategies, you will be able to prepare an impeccable research paper.

Research Paper Writing Guide

Pre-Writing Stage

  1. Choose the best topic among the great topics for research papers. Make sure you like the topic and find it engaging for the audience as well.
  2. Carry out some research on the topic before writing.
  3. If the topic is broad, narrow it down and specify on a particular point.
  4. Formulate a thesis statement, which will reflect on the main idea you want to achieve by working on your research paper.

When coming up with the topic for your research paper, make sure you choose the most interesting one among the list of great topics for research papers. It is advisable that the topic is controversial and challenging since it will arouse interest in your audience. Moreover, if you choose a topic that is interesting personally for you, it means that you will more gladly work on the paper. The research work will not be boring and you will derive at least some pleasure from reading the material. If you have a broad topic, such as politics, religion or health, make sure to narrow down to its specific subtopic.

The thesis statement should be formulated in a logical, concise, and clear way. It should be argumentative and it should reflect on your position or viewpoint on the chosen topic among the great topics for research papers. Preferable, a thesis statement should be formulated in one well-developed sentence. The very body of the research paper should be devoted to detailed discussion and analysis of the thesis points. In other words, the body of the research should elaborate or develop the idea presented in the thesis. Depending on the research paper type, the thesis statement also differs as it can be argumentative, expository or analytical.

How to Collect Data for Your Research Paper

  1. Look for credible and updated sources depending on your research topic.
  2. Make sure to provide full and concise information about the source and where it is taken from. Include the year and place of publication.

Not only libraries are good for searching for credible and peer-reviewed sources. You can also use Google scholar and search online databases in order to find relevant sources. Just avoid some websites or blogs that were written by ordinary people but not specialists in concrete research fields.

How to Take Notes Properly

  1. Devise an outline for your research paper.
  2. Make sure you look through your sources again and identify which of them are secondary and which are primary.
  3. Write down the key information about each source on a separate card.
  4. Make sure you avoid plagiarism and cite everything properly.

Write Your Research Paper

  1. Compose the final outline and include all pre-planned paper sections in it.
  2. Start the actual writing process.
  3. Arrange the notes you have taken in the order the information is supposed to appear in the paper.
  4. Write a rough draft.
  5. Look through your essay to make sure you have properly cited all sources in text. Pay attention to the formatting as well.
  6. Complete a final version of the paper.
  7. Edit and proofread the paper for potential mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

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Great Topics for Research Papers

If you have been assigned a research paper assignment but have not been given a specific topic, then you might be definitely at a loss what to write your paper about. As such, we have provided a long list of great topics for research papers that will definitely be interesting both for your professor and your target audience. Check them out below.

Great topics for research papers on the issue of abortion:

  1. Limits of abortion: which of them are realistic and which are responsible?
  2. What are the means of protecting women in case they opt for an abortion? What about their doctors? How can one understand and justify protesters against abortion issue?
  3. Explore partial birth abortion.
  4. Can aborted children be called victims of violence and negligence?
  5. Does stem cell research have anything to do with abortion?

Topics related to affirmative action:

  1. Explore the function and operation of the National Organization for Women (NOW).
  2. Has the population received the main principles of equality? What about the ongoing inequality and discrimination?
  3. In what ways is it possible to achieve racial equality and balance in such realms as the military, education, and business? Should affirmative action be taken?
  4. Investigate the concept of reverse discrimination. Pinpoint to how it is prevalent in the modern world.

Great topics for research papers in education:

  1. The problem of conducting double payments for education: where is the governmental support for parents?
  2. Should students’ placement be done according to their academic performances and achievements or age?
  3. Evaluate the pros and cons of separating the church from the state. What influence does it have on state education?
  4. Ongoing discrimination of students in the educational sphere: analyze this topic on the examples of cases from different countries.
  5. Should disabled students be educated in mainstream classrooms or should they be placed in specialized settings? Analyze the pros and cons of each option.
  6. Should standardized tests be eliminated? What role do they play now?
  7. Are national standardized tests a signpost of the quality of national education?
  8. The issues of substance and alcohol abuse, teenage pregnancy, and suicide. How can these be related to the school surroundings?
  9. Should teachers be given competency tests on a regular basis or are degree requirements enough for hiring an expert in education?
  10. Evaluate the essence of teaching as a service profession. To which extent should teachers’ demands, requirements, and needs be considered?
  11. Who holds more responsibility for children’s violence: home education or schooling?
  12. Evaluate which type of education is better: conventional or multicultural (multilingual)? Why?

Internet topics:

  1. Is the Internet the reason why children became more communicative and socialized?
  2. How do search engines work?
  3. Can the federal government get the legal right of regulating information published online?
  4. The influence of the Internet on the music media, its distribution and download process.
  5. Do health websites provide much irrelevant and not credible information?

Best topics for research papers in medicine and health:

  1. Is all medicine effective or is most of it a way of making money?
  2. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of medical marijuana.
  3. Prolonged usage of steroids: what impact does it pose on human health?
  4. What is the long-term effect of tobacco on health?
  5. The issue of vaccination for children: compare and contrast risks and benefits.
  6. What diet is more effective: low-carb or low-fat? What is the purpose of each one?
  7. Enlist the most widespread sleep disorders. What are their methods of treatment?
  8. Explore the health hazards of artificial tanning for a person’s skin and the overall well-being. Is it worse than prolonged exposure to the sun?
  9. Is it fair for thin people pay Medicare and other costs to help the obese treat their health problems?
  10. Explore the benefits and drawbacks of powerlifting and aerobics (or stretching).
  11. How much should a person train per week in order to maintain good health? What are the overall benefits of prolonged physical training?
  12. Explore psychological disorders that involve a person doing self-harm.
  13. Discuss in a compare and contrast form psychological disorders, such as autism, ADHD, Tourette syndrome, and Asperger syndrome.
  14. Are only fast food restaurants to be blamed for excessive weight and problems with obesity? Where are the boundaries between corporate and individual responsibility?
  15. Should employees be allowed to exercise during work time?
  16. Explore the principles, benefits, and effects of alternative medicine.
  17. Discuss psychological problems connected with food intake, such as anorexia, bulimia nervosa, etc.
  18. What portrayal of women on social media and in society, in general, is to blame for eating disorders?
  19. How to deal with Alzheimer disease? Is it right to provide support only for those who suffer from it? What about family members who care for their sick relatives?
  20. Are steroids, sprays, and antibiotics helpers or killers?
  21. Birth control: ways and methods and how to control pregnancy in the most favorable way?
  22. Causes of depression at different periods of life.
  23. Investigate the role and need of dietary supplements in the modern era. How have they changed nutrition? Are they so necessary or can a person get all nutritional elements from normal food?
  24. Attention deficit disorder: how often does it happen among children?
  25. How to identify dyslexia on early stages?
  26. Causes and effects of heart diseases. How to eliminate them in mature age?
  27. In-vitro fertilization: examine its health benefits and main ethical aspects.
  28. Organic foods: myth or reality?
  29. Investigate the main learning disabilities that come across in children. What are their physiological roots?
  30. Ways of prescribing drugs: should people have free access to buying medication.
  31. Does vegetarianism have only positive impact on people’s health and well-being? What is essential to know when a person intends to become a vegetarian?
  32. Is it possible to avoid Alzheimer’s disease? Explore theories that claim that the disease is preventable.
  33. Aspects of coma recovery. How can doctors be helpful in this process? What about family member and the relationship bounds?
  34. Explore the relationship between physical well-being and psychological stability. How do they influence each other?
  35. Use statistics and ratio of successful treatment by holistic medicine in compare to traditional one.

Interpersonal communication topics research papers:

  1. What influence does technology have on communication? Have technological advancements led to decline or upgrade in communication means?
  2. Influence of social networking sites on communication patterns.
  3. Influence of cell phone usage and texting.
  4. What is the difference in communication between men and women in terms of gestures, mimics, and overall body language? When do these differences need to be particularly taken into account?

List of research topics in marketing and advertising:

  1. What role does marketing play for children audience?
  2. What are the marketing limitations of the media?
  3. Sexual remarks in media and advertising. What impact do they pose on overall people’s mood?
  4. The most widespread marketing trends worldwide.
  5. Should certain ads undergo censorship due to morality, ethical, and health issues?
  6. Does advertising play the role of programming children? What NLP techniques are predominantly used?
  7. Controversy in political advertisements. Support your opinion with appropriate examples.
  8. Analyze the social response to political adverts.
  9. The connection of campaign funds to political adverts.

Unique research paper ideas for topics in politics:

  1. The rule of Barack Obama. Analyze in terms of advantages for the US development.
  2. Compare domestic policy of the current and former American president.
  3. Advantages and disadvantages of separation between the state and the church.
  4. Investigate the strengths and power of the US Supreme Court.
  5. Eradication of civil rights vs. protection from terrorism.
  6. The absence of universal health coverage in the US. Reasons and effects.
  7. Where is the boundary between the needs and demands of the country and its citizens?
  8. The grave situation between the rich and the poor.
  9. Discrimination in different spheres of social life. How does it influence the overall climate in the country?
  10. Protection and maintenance of the freedom of rights and speech of the accused.
  11. The progress of reverse discrimination in the modern world.
  12. Racial profiling.
  13. Discrimination in terms of salary payout between men and women in the workplace.
  14. Your position on interracial marriages.
  15. Discrimination in the educational sphere.
  16. Is the government liable to impose restrictions on the type of food given to students in school and college canteens and cafeterias?
  17. Students’ equity and school uniforms. Are uniforms needed and what need do they cover?
  18. Pros and cons of girls-only and boys-only schools. Do children demonstrate higher academic achievements there?
  19. Compulsory prayer in schools: pros and cons.
  20. Campus safety and students’ rights.
  21. State funding for scholarship: what category of students should be given preference?
  22. Does the United States of America have some obligations to third-world countries?
  23. AIDS treatments and their effectiveness.
  24. How to maintain the safety of children at school if there is a child suffering from AIDS/ HIV?
  25. Community safety in the USA.

Alcohol intake topics:

  1. What limits should be taken for personal freedom and campus safety when it comes to drinking in campus?
  2. Alcohol and its effects on crime and violence rates.
  3. Pending problems with binge drinking.
  4. Advantages and disadvantages of lowering the drinking age by the age of 18.
  5. The strictness of rules relating to drunk driving.

Topics about animals:

  1. Protection of animals in the realm of work interests and business.
  2. Explore the issue of factory farms in opposition to humane animal treatment.
  3. Medical research in the context of protecting animal rights. Can it be justified?
  4. A justification for the existence of slaughter-houses.

Topics about athletes:

  1. The negative aspect of usage doping in competitions.
  2. Athletic championships in colleges as indicators of the college prestige.
  3. The usage of steroids in male and female sports. Provide specific examples from sports history.
  4. Should academic standards be lowered for students who participate in athletic activities and championships?
  5. Should sportswear companies give free sporting clothes and equipment to school athletes?
  6. Can school athletes be liable to receive governmental support in form of money?
  7. Investigate the issue of parents’ pressurizing their children to compete in athletic championships.
  8. Team sports and their positive and negative impact on character formation.
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Topics on censorship:

  1. Is censorship needed in the academic curriculum, libraries, and source databases?
  2. Is censorship needed in advertisement and entertainment industry?
  3. The essentiality of censorship online.
  4. Should parents take part in censorship procedure of school textbooks and other materials?
  5. Does home censorship prevent children from visiting inappropriate websites?
  6. Online censorship in China and its impact on communication within the country.
  7. The evolution of censorship in the USA.

Research paper topics 2023 for college and studying:

  1. Compare and contrast studying programs of two-year and four-year colleges. Which is more effective?
  2. Explore grade requirements for SAT and ACT.
  3. What role do scholarships play in students’ self-improvement?
  4. Investigate the different policies of students’ admission to colleges.
  5. Distance education vs. online education: explore similarities and differences.

Computer security and online crimes:

  1. Invasion of private information online.
  2. Internet pornography and freedom of speech.
  3. Are crime hacks efficient solutions?
  4. What are the current frauds in terms of stealing money and personal identity online?
  5. What is the origin and source of spam? Can people stop it?
  6. What is the way of spreading computer viruses?
  7. Is Internet commerce secure? Can it achieve maximum security in the current age of online hackers and fraudsters?
  8. The basics of copyright.
  9. Does one infringe rights of media production if he/she downloads media online for free?
  10. Does free download lead to economic problems?
  11. Should students who download copyrighted materials be expelled from their educational establishments?

Cosmetic surgery topics:

  1. Should there be age limitations regarding cosmetic surgery?
  2. Is there such a notion as addiction to cosmetic surgery?
  3. What is the reason behind introducing cosmetic surgery? What are the society’s beauty demands?
  4. Should teenage girls be allowed to have breast implants? What are the dangers?
  5. What are the material and non-material costs of cosmetic surgery?
  6. Is weight loss surgery effective? Does it have long-term effects?
  7. Investigate the issue of bullying because of body image and body weight.
  8. Manifestations of bullying: negative emails, texts, and phone calls.
  9. Comparison of cyber-bullying with face-to-face bullying: which is worse? How to treat each of them?
  10. How can cyber-bullying be punished?
  11. Should the problem of bullying and cyber-bullying be brought to light in media?
  12. How can bullying be prevented and eradicated in practice?

Donald Trump’s policy:

  1. The main features of Trump’s campaign.
  2. Psychological portrait of Trump.
  3. Donald Trump: is he a better businessman or politician?
  4. Trump’s campaign concerning immigrants.
  5. Trump’s relations with the Russian president.

Drug issues:

  1. How severe should drug intake be punished?
  2. Can drug addiction be treated?
  3. What family reactions can a drug addict face?
  4. The issue of drug addicts’ social acceptance.
  5. The issue of drug addiction and community safety.
  6. Should drugs be legalized? For what purposes?
  7. Should the government accept the law on marijuana legalization?
  8. Is doping in sports equaled to drug usage?

Easy topics for writing:

  1. What is happiness for you? How can you achieve it? What is the key to happiness?
  2. Cause and effect of the US obesity crisis?
  3. The importance of proper sleeping habits.
  4. The urge for plastic recycling. Why is plastic bad for your health and environment in general?
  5. How is it possible to motivate people to recycle more?
  6. Advantages of 3D printers.
  7. Oil spills and environmental catastrophe.
  8. The effectiveness of verbal communication and body language.
  9. How to help endangered species?
  10. Lie detectors and their accuracy: can they be reliable in court?
  11. How has Steve Jobs changed the world’s lifestyle?
  12. Choose two of the following environmental problems and compare and contrast them: acid rains, global warming, pollution, alternative energy, deforestation, hybrid vehicles, landfills, recycling, oil spills, radioactive waste, and smog.

Violence in the family:

  1. Analyze the perspective of victims and offenders on the example of a specific case study on the topic of family violence.
  2. What drives women to kill their abusive husbands?
  3. Rape in marriage. How to deal with it?
  4. Children abuse in the family. How can they protect themselves and where can they seek help?
  5. Killings and murders of abusive parents by children: who is the real victim?
  6. What are practical solutions to child abuse in the family?
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Farming topics:

  1. Corporate vs. organic farms.
  2. Is the usage of chemical sprays really contradictory to organic farming?
  3. Organic farming as one of the methods to protect the environment.
  4. Costs of organic food production.

Fun topics:

  1. What are better pets for a family with children: dogs or cats? Why?
  2. Animal clones: I want my pet to live forever.
  3. A perfect life in social media profile. What is the reason for “online depression”?
  4. Investigate top five best sports as the most favorite pastimes.
  5. Can you imagine what your pet thinks of you? Provide a narration.
  6. Should millennials be paid less? Why?

Topics about gays:

  1. Should gay marriages be legal around the world?
  2. Should gays have the right to adopt children?
  3. Are gays victims of discrimination? How can they be protected?
  4. Gays in the realm of generational conflict.
  5. Gays and their discrimination in the workplace.

History topics:

  1. Ancient Greece and Olympic events practiced back then.
  2. Describe Salem witch trials.
  3. Possible turn of events during the 1947 Roswell UFO incident.
  4. Cleopatra’s rule in Egypt. Explore her main attainments.
  5. Darfur conflict and its prerequisites.
  6. The influence of women suffrage movement on the US history.
  7. Abe Lincoln’s assassination: preparation and execution.
  8. The effect of Julius Caesar on Rome.
  9. Joan of Arc and effect on subsequent historical movements.
  10. The fall of the Roman Empire and its historical consequences.
  11. Martin Luther’s opposition to the Catholics.
  12. The Great Depression and Great Recession: Compare and contrast.
  13. The impact of the Cold War on the world and the USA in particular.
  14. The impact of Freedom Riders on the society.
  15. The Roanoke lost settlements. Investigate what might have happened to them.
  16. The main principles of the Bushido Code and its effect on samurais.
  17. Challenges that Clark and Lewis encountered when exploring the Midwest.
  18. The main idea of the Manhattan Project. How has impacted the world?
  19. The black plague in Europe and its aftermaths.
  20. The ruling of Alexander the Great: how has he benefited the empire?
  21. Explore ways in which commerce established a link between the East and West. Can it be considered as the first step in the development of international relations?
  22. The evolution of Japan: from the feudal community to the modern state. What is the role of social isolation in this process?
  23. Discuss the British dominance of Wales, Ireland, and Scotland. Was it justified? How exactly? What was the motivation to rebel against the state powers?
  24. Effects of Guttenberg’s printing press within the realm of European interaction between nations.
  25. Henry VIII is known to be a persecutor of heretics in England. Nonetheless, he is known as the one who promoted the Reformation. Provide arguments for and against.
  26. Influences, benefits, and subsequent conflicts in relation to Romanization of the Celts.
  27. Papal power as a means of political and military influence in the XIV and XV centuries.
  28. Investigate the main peculiarities of Florence in XIII – XVI centuries in terms of the following criteria: Governmental action, Homelessness, Welfare reform, Urban restrictions, Food programs.

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