The aim of the present research paper is providing the detailed overview of the Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (CPATH). The data was collected from different public domains, such as the main website of the organization and several related on-line sources. For identification of the clear idea about the activity and mission of the CPATH, extracts from interviews and articles of the foundations leaders were included in this paper. The introduction of the main persons of the CPATH was given along with the references of some collaborative agencies.

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The CPATH Overview

The governmental authorities along with the Congress members are to be in a tight contact with civic organizations and noncommercial associations in order to provide the equitable balance of the trading and legislative activities and the public health. The principles of democracy invoke the careful attention to the voice of the public activists, whose main goal is protecting the population health. Among other non-governmental organizations (NGO), the Center of Policy Analysis on Trade and Health (CPATH), located in San Francisco, represents the professional research and analytic advocacy, the priority of which is a stable communication between the global economy and the public health. Getting foretaste of the CPATH, the following subjects should be observed: the type, structure and mission of the organization; the leaders and collaborators of the organization; the activities and social impact of the organization.

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During the years of their social voluntary work, the CPATH leaders and members managed to make the public voice accountable as an important factor of influence while the governmental regulations were enacted.

The Type, Structure and Mission of the CPATH

The home page of the CPATH official website www.cpath.org indicates the type of the organization as the nonprofit organization dedicated to improving population health in the United States and internationally. In the bio of a Co-Director of the CPATH Dr. Ellen R.Shaffer posted on www.huffingtonpost.com, the organization is described as a project of the Center for Policy Analysis that explores the links between international trade agreements, vital human services and health. The CPATH represents recommendations and analysis of several key Trade Agreements dedicated to trade and health themes in its Globalization & Health Resource Center. The CPATH websites page referred to financial support invites those who are not indifferent to public health to donate to projects of the Center for Policy Analysis demonstrating that the organization belongs to the non-profitable type. The results of the CPATH works can be found in the documents and presentations uploaded on the relative page http://www.cpath.org/id19.html of their main website.

The Leaders and Collaborators of the CPATH

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Besides the CPATH, some other projects like the Equal Health Network (www.equalhealth.ingo) and The Trust Women Silver Ribbon (http://oursilverribbon.org) constitute the Center for Policy Analysis (http://healthjustice.centerforpolicyanalysis.org/). The CPATH team introduced on the page http://www.cpath.org/id18.html consists of two main divisions. One of them includes the leaders and Co-Directors of the CPATH. They are Ellen R. Shaffer, PhD MPH, and Joseph E. Brenner, MA. The members of the CPATH Advisory Board constitute another division. Representatives from about two dozens of such reputable institutions and organizations as the Doctors for Global Health, the University of Washington, and the California Senate Committee on International Trade are included in the list of activists of the CPATH Advisory Board.

The Activities and Social Impact of the CPATH

Sometimes the governmental institutions pass legislation regardless the wide social discussion and the populations actual feedback. In such cases, the NGOs like the CPATH play a key role in the articulation of the societys voice on the disputable questions. The case in point of the situation is represented by the polemic about the abortion rights, where the CPATH leaders actively participate:

The ability to control whether and when to have a child are key to the physical, social and economic health of women and families, and access to legal, safe and affordable birth control and abortion are essential to guarantee that ability (Shaffer, 2014).

The history of the CPATH social and analytic activities can be traced since 2004, when their response to water privatization in Ghana appeared, as it is indicated in the list of resolutions on the CPATH website http://www.cpath.org/id23.html. Beginning from that time to the present day the CPATH has been supporting the society with analytics, researching and advocacy for the acts and resolutions of such institutions as the American Public Health Association, the National Association of City and County Health Officers and the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

The extension of peoples access to such important vital services as health care and water supply along with minimization of negative effects of globalization are in the scope of the CPATH affairs. To estimate the scale of the CPATH activity and the importance of subjects in which it is engaged, the reaction of Ellen R.Shaffer regarding the Affordable Care Act is worth to be cognized:

Did we not advance the idea and substance of Medicare for All? Did we not attempt to capture the essence of the price-fixing power of the public sector, while hedging our predictions for its success, in advocacy for the public option? (2014).

Responding to the questions, the responsible relative authorities should follow the voice of experts from NGOs like the Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health.

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