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Everyone loves brownies; thus, if you want to make people come to your party or for dinner, just make sure that brownies are part of the dessert. It is because most people are delighted and cannot help treating themselves with the fudgy, heart-shaped or cubed chocolate pools of brownies. Although brownies are made differently, the beauty of it all is that different recipes can help you have a deliciously excellent result. It is possible to ingest more when they are light, but when holding a party, ensure that the guests control their intake because of possible nausea. There is a guideline that one must adhere to in order to make brownies that are delicious and suit everyone’s taste , including children. Brownies may all have chocolate flavors, but the amount of chocolate, flour, sugar and butter will make their texture different (Mitchell, n.d). You can decide to have a chewy, crunchy, cakey, or fudgy brownies, but regardless of the style that you use, when the given guideline is followed to the letter, the result would be pleasing to the eyes and mouth.

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First, begin by preparing the ingredients. It will help you in saving time and effort during the groundwork period. Collect all the right ingredients that you need and place them on the table. The ingredients comprise of 250g cocoa chocolate, 300g caster sugar, pinch of salt and 250g unsalted butter. Others include: 3 large eggs, a bowl of separate egg yolk that has been beaten lightly, 1/2teaspon of baking powder, 60g cocoa powder (ensure it is of good quality), and 100g walnuts (this is optional) (Cloake, 2010).

Second, after having your ingredients ready, you start cooking. Ensure that you have the right utensils/ bowls and oven because it will determine what your brownies will be like. Begin by pre-heating the oven, which you have to set at 180c. Prepare a baking tin using a baking parchment of 23cm by 23cm. The next step would be to organize the bowl, but ensure that it does not include the pan with boiling water. In the bowl, add the 200g chocolate, ensure that you break them into small pieces fast for it to melt faster. As the melting process begins, stir slowly and keep checking the heat which must remain at 180c (Cloake, 2010). Immediately after the chocolate has melted, remove it and place it aside.

Further, prepare the butter. You will have to beat it and add sugar to it until it becomes fluffy but light. At this point, ensure to break all the remaining chocolate into flakes. Add eggs gradually to the butter mixture and ensure that you beat it well each time you are adding it. It will make incorporation easier and allow you to add more eggs. You can stop mixing on high speed for about five minutes to allow the mixture to turn into a silky sheen. Moreover, check it to make sure that the volume of the mixture has increased. It will depend on how many eggs you added and on the number of people you are having over for dinner or party.

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The fifth step involves separating the mixture by removing the bowl. Make sure to fold the melted chocolate gently using a metal spoon. It should also be done to the chocolate chips that remained. After removing the mixture, sift the flour, cocoa powder, walnuts, and baking powder. Use a spoon to mix it together in a tin before taking the mixture to the oven to bake setting the duration at 30 minutes (Cloake, 2010). Use a skewer to test if it is sticky and well-cooked at the end of the 30 minutes. Another thing to check for is if the raw mixture is coated, and if it can be observed, place it back and give it 3 more minutes before testing it again.

While the mixture is cooking slowly in the oven, it is important to set up melting of iced water in a tin. The reason is that when the brownies are removed from the oven, they will have to be placed in a cold place to prevent them from sticking to the bowl. When you test it for the last time and find that there are no traces of coats, remove the brownie from the oven and immediately place it in cold water. Give it a period of one hour to cool down before you can cut it into pieces of desired shape. The brownies can be cut into various shapes, such as squares or triangles, depending on what you want. After cutting, store them in a container, which is closed, to have the desired taste that you want. You can serve them for dinner and leave some for the next day.

There are some things that you need to take into consideration while preparing brownies: the proportions of the ingredients and the time you set for baking, because it will affect the consistency of your brownie (Mitchell, n.d). For instance, if you want to make fudgy brownie and you bake it for only three minutes, the result will be unsatisfactory. On the other hand, three minutes is too long to bake chewy brownies because it will make them dry and tough. You can consider having an oven thermometer to check the temperature to get the desired result. Another issue to consider is the type of pot or bowl that you use to cook your brownies. In metal pans, the brownies cook faster, compared to glass pots and it influences the time frame that is set for cooking. It means that cooking time is shorter with metal pans, but with Pyrex glass it is longer.

Finally, testing the brownies for doneness is important because it will show you the progress of the entire process (Mitchell, n.d). At the initial stage, you can use your fingers, but later, when it is getting hot, use a toothpick, thrusting the brownies with it. If the pick is wet, it means that you will need some five more minutes to have the desired result. You will know the brownies are ready when the pick has moist crumbs that cling to it.

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