Surviving Whole Foods Analysis

It is necessary to make the relevant analysis of Surviving Whole Foods by Kelly MacLean (2013). This post is written in ironic and humorous style. Therefore, it creates additional difficulties in relation to its structuring and investigation. The analysis of reasoning may be summarized in the following way. The author demonstrates that it is very difficult to survive in the system of Whole Foods and illustrates this statement with a number of different situations. K. MacLean interprets them in a funny way. Thus, readers may accept her position and find a large variety of interesting things in typical daily situations.

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The author compares Whole Foods with Vegas. She stresses that people usually go there to receive some positive emotions and feelings but they actually tend to become disoriented and aware of their new diseases. MacLean (2013) demonstrates a number of funny situations. At the beginning, there is a story about the pregnant lady and her baby in the parking lot. Then, the author describes how she has had to deal with a cornucopia of organic bliss (MacLean, 2013). She suggests that Heaven and Whole Foods are very similar as there is a variety of milk and honey in both places. Then, she had an interesting experience with 42 kinds of rotten tea.

However, it seems that her adventures in the beauty aisle are the most interesting part of the whole story. The author says that she is 78% ugly. In other words, almost 80% of women of her age are more beautiful. She concludes that on the popular 1-10 hotness scale, she could receive only a rank of 3. MacLean comments that the best people of Whole Foods work in the vitamin aisle. They are all very experienced and can offer extensive advice for everybody. The author describes the cashier in a very interesting way. She says that she was 95% beautiful (MacLean, 2013). In general, her reasoning demonstrates that it is a very difficult task to survive in Whole Foods.

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The clear definition of premise should be given. It may be formulated as follows. Whole Foods is a very dangerous place that contains a large variety of threats for any reasonable person. This idea may be observed throughout the story, and all situations are interpreted in this way.

It is necessary to give my personal position on the thesis under consideration. In fact, as this story is written from the ironic and humorous position, it should be evaluated accordingly. I can say that my feelings correspond well to the authors intentions and style. She was able to produce adequate feelings in me, and I think that it was the main goal of MacLean. The author is very concise and specific in describing all her different adventures and thoughts. This story is interesting to read and analyze.

It is reasonable to provide two the most significant moments that demonstrate the strengths of the article. The first one is very effective use of metaphors. The author compares Whole Foods with Vegas at the beginning of her adventures. Then, she compares Whole Foods with Heaven because both of them have milk and honey. Such metaphors are very interesting and original. They allow reaching the authors key objectives. The second significant moment is using funny numerical examples. MacLean comments that she is 78% ugly and that she has a 3 on the popular hotness scale. Then, she writes that the cashier is 95% beautiful. Such numerical examples and the quantitative measurement of immeasurable things are very relevant and effective. In general, the article by Kelly MacLean may be considered as a good example of works of this genre.

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