In many occasions, mathematics has been described as a game of numbers. However, it is not a game as such. It is a game that provides solution to many of the puzzles that we face in life. Every profession in the world has to rely on mathematics. In fact, the economies of the wild are ran by mathematicians. For how can one determine the level of profitability of his firm without commercial arithmetic? The doctor also uses mathematics to determine the prescription that he is to give to his patient. Mathematics has also been found useful in computer science and engineering among other fields. In fact, without mathematics, these fields cannot function properly. The role of impacting mathematical knowledge rests with the teacher. The teacher has to be knowledgeable in this field and also have an inside taste for mathematics. This is because mathematics is perceived to be a hard subject and it calls for a lot of seriousness am one of the few people who have positive attitude towards mathematics and actually interested in teaching mathematics.

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My interest in mathematics dates back from my childhood days. This is despite the fact that many girls fear mathematics and tend to believe that the subject is reserved for men. It is my father who made me to develop the positive attitude toward mathematics. He used to encourage me as a young girl and always insisted that mathematics is a very simple subject that anyone could do comfortably. Sometimes I used to teach my elder sister some mathematics techniques. It gave me a lot of encouragement especially when I had taught her a concept and she confirmed that she had understood. This where my interest in teaching developed decided right from my childhood that I wanted to be a teacher. This is the reason why I am applying for a training position in this university so that my dream can come true.

I attended Emerson high school in Union City New Jersey.  At Emerson, I was a very good student always getting honor roll and at other times I used to get high honor roll. Throughout my high school life, I was always among the top seventeen students in my class. After my high school, I attended Hudson community college in New Jersey. At Hudson, I enrolled for science and mathematics did mathematics option. At completion, I got a GPA of 3.211.this enabled me to pursue an associate degree in science which I completed last year. What remains is now for me to pursue my dream of becoming a high school mathematics teacher. This is why I am applying for a chance to train at New Jersey University. If enrolled, I will do my best to attain a major in mathematics.

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The reason for wanting to become a high school teacher is so that I can be able to help those students who usually have difficulties in understanding the subject. Furthermore, I would like to prove that mathematics is not reserved for men only. Everyone including girls can do mathematics and become successful in it. When I am enrolled I promise to do my best to attain a major in mathematics. This will help me realize my dream. Furthermore, I would like to continue with my education past undergraduate studies. Getting an opportunity at New Jersey will go along way into helping me achieve this goal. I look forward to the day that I will be in class helping bring up men and women who can be relied upon tomorrow. It is my sincere hope that you will consider my plea for a chance to train in New Jersey University.

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