Skydiving was a positive experience for me to overcome my fear of risk

When the word risk is mentioned the thought of diving from a comfort zone to the unknown comes into mind. The term risk itself sends shivers among many. Most people would prefer to do the same thing o...

The Mountain Expedition

“This is going to be awesome!” I thought grabbing my jacket and heading to the door. “Come on guys, we are going to be late!” my dad shouted. “Will be down in a minute da...

My Experience of Visiting Chinatown Personal Essay

I have always listened to people talking about China Town with a lot of interest. I have also read about Chinatown but it has never been clear to me how they looked like or even how life in Chinatown ...

Who is My Heroine?

Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu is a persona that impacted my life in several ways and brought some positive changes to it. She gave me a better view on life and of what I want to be in my life by affecting the...

My Interest in Mathematics

In many occasions, mathematics has been described as a game of numbers. However, it is not a game as such. It is a game that provides solution to many of the puzzles that we face in life. Every profes...

Clinical Placement Reflection Personal Essay

During my clinical placement in the third year, I achieved my goal of improving my knowledge, clinical skills to remain up to date. This was due to the vast amount of resources allocated to the clinic...
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