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Economic Questions

Question 1 What are the determinants of long-term economic growth?- Long-term economic growth is realized by the increase in quality of production factors such as natural resources, labor resources, technology and capital resources. Details >>

Metropolis II Essay

Contemporary visual art goes far beyond mere vision. Its main task is not to inform, but to impress and even shock the viewers. Very often, modern artists experiment with various techniques and methods to create unique pieces of art that leave unforgettable impressions and... Details >>

Mexicans as a Minority Group in the US Essay

Cultural competence refers to the ability of the medical practitioners to be able to offer quality services to people from different cultural dimensions. Cultural competence among the medics is essential since it ensures that patients receive quality services regardless of their cultural... Details >>

Pherkad Essay

Pherkad stands out as one of the most significant stars of the Ursa Constellation because of its confusing variability changing over less than a tenth of a magnitude within a short period. It also stands out as one of the brightest and warmest stars in the constellation and 175th in the... Details >>

Rawls’ and Pogge’s Arguments Essay

John Rawls’ perspective on rights and justice is considered amongst the most illustrative considering its foundation in the social constructs of freedom with respect to what an individual can do to further their own interests without compromising on the concept of equality. Rawls concept of... Details >>

Advertising Essay

Nowadays, advertising has a significant impact on purchasing choices of customers. Therefore, some traders spread false information about their products through the advertisements to make people buy their goods. This notion appeared together with the first advertisements because it... Details >>