Edo Period Art’s Influence on Western Arts

Edo period is the period in the history of Japan from 1603 to 1867. It lasted from the founding of the Tokugawa shogunate until its direct elimination and restoration of imperial rule. The name comes ...

The Renaissance in Northern Europe (the time of the Protestant Reformation and Protestant Iconoclasm)

Introduction The sixteenth century is a significant historical period famous for the opposition of the Protestant Reformation to the Catholic artistic tradition in the Northern Europe. The proponents ...

Archeological Investigations At Turkdean Roman Villa, Gloucestershire

Archeology is a science that helps the humanity uncover its past and learn more about its ancestors, the way they lived, religions and cultures they practiced, how their societies were organized and i...

Korean Entertainment

MULTIPLE CHOICE (5 pts. Each) 1. What is the term coined by international studies scholar Benedict Anderson to describe a collective that is thought of rather than actual? A. Great Society B. Tribal c...

History of Dentistry

Dentistry is a practice that started a long time ago. It traces back to the ancient times. Historical examinations reveal that people looked after their teeth and the general cleanliness of their mout...

New Hollywood: 1972-1988

According to Schatz, the ‘New Hollywood’, also popularly known as the ‘American New Wave’, is a vital period in the history of American film. He notes that it started in the mi...
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