Apple Marketing Strategy for the iPhone

This paper investigates a case of Apple, which grounds on the launching of a new product iPhone 11 on the market. The creators of the product state that the new iPhone will features certain characteri...

Problem Statement: Social Media and Misperceptions

This focus of this study is to explicate social media and the misperceptions surrounding it. Social media is a very effective and efficient communication channel that is been used in the world current...

France in International Trade

France ranks among the most developed economies in the world.

Cola Wars

Close competitions is a state in which competitors have thin margins between them and operate in the same industry.

Advertising Restrictions

The advertisement industry spends an enormous amount of money every year to air publicity programs that target children and young adults. The media have...

Ludacris ‘Ludaversal’ Marketing Plan

'Ludaversal' will be one of many albums that have been released by Ludacris. His music career began when as a DJ at a radio station; he released Tim’s Bio version, originally sung by Timberland. His f...
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