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Afterlife: The Navajos and Ancient Egyptians

Imagine an unordinary afterlife afterlife being not the ordinary. For example, imagine that you live in a custom Mastaba tomb and have the royal spa treatment that aims at embalming the organs, rinsing them with palm wine, and dusting them with aromatic powered. Details >>

Korean and Japanese History Questions

The explosion of Hallyu also referred to as The Korean Wave is often described as an event that led the nation to rise. In the 1990s, Korea’s popularity across East and Southeast Asia and Los Angeles grew due to a large number of immigrant populations. Details >>


Contemporaries refer to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as, probably, one of the most gifted yet controversial musicians in the history of mankind. In his lifetime, Mozart was reputed as a somewhat frivolous person. Details >>

Role of science in World War II

Science and technology were the spheres that developed dramatically during the World War II as they were required for supremacy in military might. Details >>

Slavery and Foundations of the United States

Slavery in the United States commenced at the moment when the first slaves form the African continent were brought in the northern part of America in 1619 with a view of... Details >>

Relation of Chinese Emperor and the West

The subject of confrontation or dialogue of cultures between East and West is often discussed and is quite important for the whole world... Details >>