Food Ethnography

Speaking about food traditions in general, I would like to say, that each country has its unique food ethnography. This ethnography reflects the history of a nation, its customs and beliefs. That is w...

Ancient Roman Inventions and Technology

The Roman Empire was formed in the 8th century BCE as a humble city. Aristocratic kings originally ruled Rome, and by the 6th century BCE, it turned into a republic...

Ethnic Restaurants

I have chosen this activity because of my belief that the description of an ethnic restaurant serves the best when characterizing any culture. Moreover, I wanted to check my expectations and attitudes...

Comparing and Contrasting the Healthcare Systems of the United States and Japan

Having the world’s third largest economy after the Unites States and China, Japan has a high standard of living and an advanced healthcare system. When analyzing the health services of Japan, it is si...

Comparing and Contrasting “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” and “The Nymph’s Reply to the Shepherd”

Pastoral poetry is a type of poetry, which refers to the lives of shepherds. It portrays a comparison between the simplicity or innocence of rural life and the artificiality of lives in cities and tow...

Analysis of the Works of Art

Critique is a constructive analysis of any work human performs, be it an art or an academic essay, and is essential in the development of the person who is being evaluated. If a person does not see an...
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