Parenting or Pills

ADHD refers to the Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in which some symptoms arise in children such as impulsiveness, hyperactivity, and inattentiveness...

Politics and Culture in the Developing World

Politics and Culture in the Developing World is a comprehensive survey of that focuses on the global context of development. The book provides...


The concept of marriage imposes diverse dilemmas on the male and female partners due to fundamental differences in vision of romantic relationship, impact of outer factors...

The Future of our Jobs

Over the past couple of decades, the world has experienced a rapid advancement in technology, particularly in artificial intelligence. Not too long ago...

Film Mona Lisa Smile

The main thematic of the film Mona Lisa Smile is centered on the life of Katerina Watson (Julia Roberts), a socially progressive and liberal - minded woman, who is...

School Uniforms

Nowadays, there are many topical issues relating to the contemporary system of education that cause heated debates. One of such issues is...

School Violence

The problem of violence in general and against children in particular remains important today, despite the fact that any violence against the child...

Aurora Lights

The Dancing Lights area natural phenomenon that occur primarily in a close geographic proximity to magnetic poles of the Earth. The scientists have estimated that the auroras appear when the current o...

Petronas Twin Towers: What The Building Means

Undoubtedly, architecture is a field that can neither be understood nor interpreted in an ambiguous and one-sided manner. On a similar note, explication of a building’s meaning seems a good option in ...


Abortion is the termination of a human pregnancy. Or it is the removal of a fetus or embryo before its maturity inside the uterus. It is mostly done during the first twenty-eight weeks of gestation. A...
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