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Article Comparison

The articles by Panofsky and Bedaux provide arguments on the painting that is reflected by the Anolfini portrait. Firstly, both Panofsky and Bedaux express the same views but with some diverse kinds of evidence. Details >>

Housekeeping as a Novel of Education

The novel of formation is associated with social and biographical dimensions. The first aspect is revealed through the school of life and experience, which is acquired by a protagonist, whereas the biographic one is revealed through the representation... Details >>

Kinship and Domestic Life

In this chapter, the assertion is that learning a new kinship system is as hard as learning a new language. This is because in different groupings kinship and variables making the kinship varies making it a relatively complicated matter. Details >>

Feminist Suppression in The Yellow Wallpaper

There is a lot of debate about the gender roles that are prescribed by the society and which are perceived to be the cause of discrimination between males and females. Details >>

Gerard Manley Hopkins

Poetry belongs to the most magnificent kinds of art which have the power to transform the ordinary and trivial things into the bright and picturesque imagery... Details >>

Hills Like White Elephants

Hills Like White Elephants is a short story written by Ernest Hemingway and published in 1927. This piece of literature is remarkable for referring to... Details >>