Movie Review “Birdman: or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)” by Alejandro González Iñárritu

The theme of human identity, the difficulties in finding it or protecting from the negative impact of the society is one of the leading topics analyzed in all form of the modern art. The modern world ...

The Impact of Regalia on the Royal Arts of Africa

Description of the Analyzed Art Works The central items discussed in the context of the essay are (a) a plaque depicting chief flanked by two warriors, Benin, AD 1550-1650 (see Figure 1); (b) a photog...

SUPERDRY LADIES’ DRESSES SWOT Analysis and Recommendations as to What the Range Should Be in One Year’s Time

Superdry offers a range of women dresses which include skater cuts, bodycon and bandeau style dresses. The ranges of clothes offered under this category from jesery and ribbed material to luxe hand de...

How To / Process Analysis Essay

How To / Process Analysis Essay Everyone loves brownies; thus, if you want to make people come to your party or for dinner, just make sure that brownies are part of the dessert. It is because most peo...

Surviving Whole Foods Analysis

Surviving Whole Foods Analysis It is necessary to make the relevant analysis of Surviving Whole Foods by Kelly MacLean (2013). This post is written in ironic and humorous style. Therefore, it creates ...

A Doll’s House Movie (1992)

Henrik Ibsen wrote his famous play A Doll House as far back as in 1879. About one hundred forty years passed but its subject-matter – the identity of a woman, as well as an individual in general...

Problems Facing New Teachers Essay

New teachers face a many problems at the beginning of their careers, especially during the first year of teaching. These problems are associated with different factors, such as an increased demand for...

Character Analysis

Character Analysis: Mathilde Loisel Versus Mrs Mallard Introduction   This essay presents the character analysis and compares two famous female characters found in short stories. Mathilde Loisel ...

Analysis of Strategic Leadership at Coca-Cola: The Real Thing

Article Analysis The Main Theme of the Article   The article by Rowe and Riaz (2008) titled Strategic Leadership at Coca-Cola: The Real Thing explores one primary theme of leadership, using Coca ...

Dracula: A Perfect Monster

Perhaps, no monsters are so horrifying and attractive at the same time as vampires. Of all literary and cinematical vampires, Dracula is the most scary, mysterious, and fascinating. The classical horr...
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